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Sixers news: Philadelphia issues hilarious response to Mike Trout’s tweet

Mike Trout, Eagles

Through his first seven years in the majors, Los Angeles Angels star outfielder Mike Trout has made it clear that he holds personal favoritism to professional sports teams located in Philadelphia.

Trout once again made that evident on Wednesday afternoon after posting a photo of himself decked out in full Philadelphia 76ers gear while donning a Ben Simmons’ jersey. It didn’t take long for the Sixers to respond with a hilarious gif that includes the two-time AL MVP next the team’s young core.

This is a unique gesture to Trout that likely came with much appeal of the 26-year-old to see himself placed next to some of his favorite NBA team’s players. It’s another way of the franchise reaching out on social media to gather more fans with arguably the best player in the MLB supporting them and the “Trust the Process” movement led by Joel Embiid.

This could likely result in many more interactions on social media between Trout and the Sixers over the rest of the summer and next season, especially if they are in the playoff hunt. Although it’s just a single tweet, it shows how social media savvy the organization is to take advantage of Trout’s public support of the team.

Ultimately, there should be much more to come on this front in the near future.