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Sixers star Jimmy Butler has no regrets

jimmy butler

Philadelphia 76ers star Jimmy Butler has been one of the most controversial players of this 2018-19 season after reports of an infamous practice lash-out to his teammates and front office heads painted him in a bad light. Known as a ruthless competitor and a high-caliber player, the Sixers forward claims he has no regrets when it comes to the choices he’s made.

“When you start thinking too much about yesterday or tomorrow, you get lost, man. I don’t know a lot, but I can tell you for right now, I live my best life in today. One day at time, man,” said Butler in a self-written piece on The Undefeated. “I don’t have regrets. There’s not too many things you can change, whether you do it out of anger, fear. I’m not going to regret it because it all plays a factor in who I am. It may play a factor in what people think of me as well, but I know who I am. I know where my heart is.”

Butler’s back-and-forth with former head coach Tom Thibodeau over his trade request became tiresome, as he arduously looked for ways to find his way out of the Minnesota Timberwolves. Upon being traded to the City of Brotherly Love, a discussion of his role and a confrontation with Sixers coach Brett Brown only escalated rumors of being a ‘selfish’ player.

“I’m not going to say that I think everything through thoroughly. No. But everybody makes mistakes,” wrote Butler. “I don’t think I do anything to hurt anybody. Well, I don’t on purpose, I should say. I just don’t, man. I don’t regret anything. It makes me who I am. All the things that I’ve been through, all the things that I’ve learned, all the things I’ve messed up on, I’m not regretting any of it. I’m continuing to live my life.”

The 6-foot-7 wing noted his argument with Brown was just healthy player-to-coach banter for the betterment of the team, something Brown has concurred with and taken in stride.

Jimmy Butler is unapologetically flawed and unequivocally candid about his mistakes and his opinions, making him perhaps one of the best interviews in the business and one of the most interesting individuals in basketball.