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Sixers believe Bryan Colangelo had no knowledge of Twitter accounts

Bryan Colangelo

When the Twitter drama involving Bryan Colangelo and five burner accounts exploded into the mainstream, the consensus was that Colangelo was going to lose his job as the Philadelphia 76ers’ president of basketball operations. Today, the sentiment is getting a little blurry, as the Sixers continue their own investigation of the matter.

According to a report by John Clark of NBC Sports, a source said that the principal belief within Philly’s management is that Colangelo has nothing to do with the all but one of the burner accounts. (Colangelo had already admitted to ownership of one account.)

While the Sixers’ investigation into president of basketball operations Bryan Colangelo’s Twitter fiasco is ongoing, the general belief within the organization is that it believes Colangelo’s assertion he had no knowledge of the Twitter accounts, did not send the messages or had known the messages were being sent, according to a source.

From the start, Bryan Colangelo has denied any previous knowledge of the accounts before The Ringer dropped a bombshell of a report that implies his link to the controversial Twitter accounts.

Internet investigators have also done their own sleuthing, resulting in a discovery that both phone numbers linked to at least three of the Twitter burner accounts and the phone number of Colangelo’s wife, Barbara Bottini, end in “91”. While that does not get Colangelo off the hook, it adds a new dimension to the Sixers’ investigation, the results of which should be known sooner than later.