Sixers news: Trevor Booker working way toward becoming billionaire
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Trevor Booker working way toward becoming billionaire

trevor booker

Trevor Booker has made himself a nice career since being drafted with the 23rd overall pick by the Minnesota Timberwolves, and then getting quickly traded to the Washington Wizards. He has played with four teams since being drafted, averaging 20 minutes and nine points per game and is now in the Philadelphia 76ers.

Booker has been a good role player wherever he has gone, and has made a good NBA career. In his eight years on the court, he has made a little over $34 million.

But what most don’t know about Trevor Booker is how much money he has been making off the court through financial investments.

Sarah Todd of The Philadelphia Inquirer recently sat down with Booker to talk about how he has built such an empire off the court.

Booker and Jonah Baize who was his college roommate at Clemson together own 12 companies and are invested in many many more.

They started with a basketball academy in Charlotte, North Carolina from a $2,000 investment. It has grown so much though that it is now a group of six private schools called Combine Academy.

From the academy, they went to housing, which actually started to just house the workers at the academy.

“With Combine Academy, we were housing the staff and we were renting, and we thought about it and it was just dumb,” Booker said. “We knew Combine was going to be here for a while, so why not just buy and own? So we just started buying real estate wherever we saw the opportunity for it.”

Trevor Booker

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They also JB Fitzgerald Venture Capital which is a parent company for a bunch of smaller companies they own underneath it.

At this point, they will invest in just about anything they think will make money. They have invested in things from eco-friendly shampoo to the DC United Soccer team.

Booker’s goal out of all of this is to become a billionaire, a goal he thinks he should be able to achieve before he is 70. When asked how long it will take, Booker said:

“Maybe 30-35 years. I know I can get there,” he said.