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RUMORS: Sixers’ star Joel Embiid ‘really wanted’ Bradley Beal trade, not James Harden

Sixers, Joel Embiid, Bradley Beal, James Harden

The Philadelphia 76ers made a massive trade to acquire James Harden, as Ben Simmons wanted to leave the organization. However, rumors are that Joel Embiid made a push for the front office to make a deal for Bradley Beal. The Sixers made a big improvement to the roster, but is Harden the best fit?

According to The Ringer’s Bill Simmons (via Bleacher Report), Joel Embiid made a strong push for Bradley Beal, but ultimately, the Sixers felt it was best to trade for James Harden. Simmons spoke about the trade details on his podcast.

“Part of the reason the trade stuff took so long was because there was the Sixers side that wanted Harden—obviously Daryl [Morey], because Harden is his guy. But Embiid really wanted Beal because he felt like he was a better fit and was pushing, pushing, pushing.”

Bradley Beal might be a better fit for the Sixers, as he’s proven to be one of the best shooting guards in the league. James Harden is great as well, but he has a tendency to play hero ball. We’ve seen Harden struggle to build chemistry before, so hopefully, that doesn’t happen in Philadelphia. If they can keep their composure, we should see the 76ers make a long run in the postseason.

Maybe these rumors are true, but they could lead to some drama in the Sixers locker room. Either way, they made some improvements and are one of the best teams in the NBA right now. Look for Harden and Embiid to do their best to lead Philadelphia to a potential championship.