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Video: Fan got savagely tricked into believing he made shot while blindfolded


The NBA is where amazing things happen, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that everyone can’t get a decent laugh everyday in the league. On Thursday night, the Philadelphia 76ers battled the Boston Celtics in the NBA’s annual Global Game in London, where the Celtics came back from a huge deficit to win over the Sixers, 114-103.

In lighter news, the Sixers might have gotten away with the coldest joke of the year.

In a promotion during the game, one fan was blindfolded and prompted to shoot a 3-point shot. Even though he terribly missed, everyone around him cheered as if he was victorious. The fan went along with the celebration until he saw the replay video.

They made him think he made it. šŸ˜‚

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He simply clasped his hands around his head in utter disbelief that he was tricked. Normally if a team is hosting their own in-game festivities, they usually pick on the opposing fans. Maybe this guy liked the Celtics and the Sixers wanted to teach him a lesson.

Even so, there did not seem to be any prize involved, so the fan probably didn’t lose out on anything but his dignity. Nonetheless, no one wants to be humiliated in front of thousands of people.

Ironically, the Sixers were leading the Celtics in the London game, until Boston caught up and defeated them by double digits. It’s safe to say that the fan went to bed at least happy that the Sixers got what they deserved, and the Celtics get to finish the night with a hard-fought win.