Markelle Fultz of the Philadelphia 76ers is working extra hard in the offseason. Apparently, he's adding a new routine to his workout that doesn't necessarily involve dribbling the ball or lifting weights.

As posted by Christian Crosby, Fultz does six cartwheels and calls it his workout for the day:

Fultz, of course, was just having fun. Lest we forget, he's just 20-years-old. He's still genuinely a kid at heart. Though he may have to be more careful. His shoulder seems fully healed but you never know when these types of injuries decide to return.

In his exit interview, Fultz said that he's not at 100 percent just yet. As reported by Brad Rowland of UPROXX:

“It’s pretty good, really,” Fultz said. “I’m not all the way there, but I definitely have a lot more work to do. Even if I was 100 percent, I would still want to get better. So, the grind starts now, just to keep working and get better each and every day.”

Fultz also admitted that he's aware of all the talk surrounding him. When his shoulder injury wildly affected his jump shot, critics were quick to dismiss him as a bust. Fultz said that he's used to this type of atmosphere.

“I think I’ve been going through stuff like this my whole life, really,” Fultz said. “Going against the odds, really. It’s a whole bunch of outside noise. I don’t really look to it. I’m with my team. I’m with my family. That’s all I really care about. And myself.”