Remember that Heroes of the Might and Magic 3 throwback indie game that we reviewed two years ago? The game is out of Early Access now. Here is everything you need to know about Songs of Conquest, including its release date, gameplay, story, and trailers.

Songs of Conquest Release Date: May 20, 2024

Originally released on May 10, 2022, on Early Access, the game Songs of Conquest came out of Early Access for its full release on May 20, 2024, exclusively on PC through Steam, Epic Games Store, and The game was developed by Lavapotion and was published by Coffee Stain Studios.


Songs of Conquest is a turn-based strategy game that has players lead fantasy-themed factions led by heroes called Wielders. Players manage their faction’s economy by acquiring resources scattered on the map, developing their territory with buildings and improvements, and mustering their army.

Each of the game’s four factions has its distinct flavor and play style. The faction determines the town’s buildings, the kind of troops that can be recruited, and the affinity of its starting Wielders.

Players control their armies as they are led by Wielders. Players can move their Wielders around the map to collect resources, claim buildings, recruit troops, or fight against enemies. As Wielders approach enemies on the map, they engage in combat, which takes place on a tiled map. More on this later.

Wielders can develop their town and build economic and technological buildings that they can use to improve their faction’s ability to support an army. Players can also build dwelling buildings where players can train and recruit troops.

In combat, two armies face off based on their respective army compositions. Each troop can consist of a certain amount of units of the same type, comprising a single controllable troop. The summation of each unit’s stats determines the entire troop’s total health, damage, etc. As troops take damage, individual units could die and lower the overall stats of the entire troop.

Wielders also partake in combat by using abilities and magic. Songs of Conquest has a unique magic system wherein each Wielder can grow their affinity towards different colors of magic, which then determines the type of spells the Wielder can cast, and how much of each color of Magic they could gain mana for each turn.

Players wage war against AI and other players in either skirmishes, custom maps, custom campaigns, or through the game’s single-player story campaign.

Songs of Conquest Story

The main story of the game follows the Arleon faction, the remnants of a now-defunct empire. The campaign follows the efforts of a scion of the old ruling family to restore the glory of the former Empire.

More campaigns are unlocked as players complete each faction’s story, starting with the aforementioned Arleon faction.

Playing as the Arleon, players take control of Cecilia Stoutheart, a cold-hearted general who will do everything in her power to reform the fallen Empire. Her ruthlessness delivers results but at the cost of the morale and support of her soldiers, allies, and friends.

We will likely update our Songs of Conquest review when we get around to playing the full-release version of the game, but if you’re interested in reading what we thought about the game’s Early Access release, you can check it out as well. TL;DR, the game is nice, and if you’re a Heroes of Might and Magic fan, you’ll thoroughly enjoy this game.