Spurs news: Danny Green says no one on team at odds with Kawhi Leonard
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Danny Green says no one on Spurs at odds with Kawhi Leonard

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San Antonio Spurs star forward Kawhi Leonard has already been essentially ruled out for the rest of the season. He has been medically cleared to play, but for some reason he has decided to stay out because he doesn’t feel ready quite yet.

The situation has led to various theories about what really is going on with Leonard, to opinions that he should be traded. There are reports that it has affected the locker room.

But to hear shooting guard Danny Green tell it, there’s no issues with Leonard whatsoever. Green said there exists no person on the Spurs that is “at odds” with Leonard, per Michael Rehome of News 4 San Antonio, relaying Green’s appearance on the “In The Zone” podcast with Chris Broussard.

“The one person who knows is Kawhi Leonard. He had a set-back. He had a couple of set-backs. He’s still in pain. We all text him. We’re in touch with him. He’s still a very much part of this group, this team. We still have his back. From the team’s perspective, there is no one that is at odds with him.”

This seems a little unbelievable. Are we really supposed to believe that a player who is not playing despite being medically cleared is not annoying the rest of his teammates or coaches by not playing? There’s no one on the team upset at the fact that if Leonard were playing, they’d be in better playoff position? Seems farfetched.

But fans can really only take Green at his word here. Many have said that the Spurs players support Leonard in his decision not to play until he feels fully healthy. Perhaps the coaches and/or organization feels a bit differently about it, but Green confirms that notion.

There’s no telling if Leonard returns this season. But if he does, the hope is he is back to his old self.