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Spurs news: Kawhi Leonard to visit China to support growth of basketball

kawhi leonard

The NBA has continued to expand their global outreach over the last several years with China being one of the biggest markets that the league has focused their attention toward.

According to Michael C. Wright of ESPN, San Antonio Spurs forward Kawhi Leonard is the latest star player to make the venture to China with the intention to help grow the popularity of the game.

NBA China announced Wednesday that two-time NBA All-Star Kawhi Leonard will visit China from Aug. 18-24 to support the growth of basketball in the country, and coach top youth talent from the region at The NBA Academy Zhejiang. This would mark Leonard’s first trip to China. Leonard will host a basketball clinic in Beijing for select migrant school students as part of the league’s celebration of its partnership with CCTV. Leonard will also meet fans at NBA 5v5, the league’s five-on-five tournament for elite players in China, and visit Tencent’s studio in Beijing.

China has been one of the biggest factors in helping spread the game of basketball outside of the United States. The use of one of the most recognizable faces in the league should aid the process. Although Leonard has a quiet demeanor, his play on the court has developed a solid reputation and following among NBA fans.

This could also prove to be a big move for his brand that could help him become an even greater globally recognized player. The fact that it’s his first trip to China may mark the beginning of a new marketing venture for him that he can consistently participate in during the offseason.

Ultimately, there are plenty of positives that could from this that would benefit both Leonard and the league.