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Kobe Bryant admits Spurs legend Tony Parker stopped him from winning more rings

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Tony Parker recently released his new documentary, “Tony Parker: The Final Shot”, which is now streaming on Netflix. The documentary relives some of Parker’s greatest accomplishments such as securing his four championships with the San Antonio Spurs.

Of all the sections that were compiled into the documentary, the most iconic moment may have come from someone other than Parker. While sitting on a couch impatiently tapping his foot, NBA icon and legend Kobe Bryant awaited his moment to begin speaking on his many rivalry games against Parker, and how he and the Spurs prevented Bryant from possibly winning more titles.

“I’m Kobe Bryant, and I played against Tony for years,” Bryant began. “Years and years and years. He’s responsible for me not winning more championships.”

Bryant definitely had a case as to the Spurs being a roadblock in his chances of winning more rings. Three of Parker’s championships came in 2003, 2005 and 2007, all in which Bryant had definitely since elevated to superstar status. The idea of winning a ring without Shaquille O’Neal became the telling tale of Bryant’s career for a while, and the Spurs made sure to aid in that cause.

“I remember games where tony had a really really short leash. He makes one mistake and Pop’s [Gregg Popovich] gonna pull him out the game. So I would tell Tony ‘You know what I’m just gonna trap you. Cause if you dribble the ball off your foot, you turn the ball over you’re out the game’. But I think that kind of pressure and environment helped Tony play develop and play in those precious situations.”

To see Bryant on the screen once more after his passing will do fans around the NBA some joy as they listen to the late Los Angeles Lakers legend recall his greatest playing days against Tony Parker and the Spurs.