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Spurs’ Rudy Gay’s heartening response when asked what he wants to bring his son from Disney World

Rudy Gay, Spurs

We’re just a few weeks away from the actual NBA in-game action that we’ve sorely missed. As we slowly approach the scheduled start date for the league’s Orlando restart, there are clearly still concerns with the whole ordeal for the San Antonio Spurs and other teams. Rudy Gay’s heartwarming gift planned for his son reminds us of what the players are risking.

Rudy Gay’s son is apparently a huge Disney fan. He was recently asked about what souvenir he’d be bringing his boy home given that he’d be spending a couple of months in the Happiest Place on Earth.

Associate Press Sports writer Tim Reynolds shared Rudy Gay’s response.

While we’re all very excited for the NBA’s return to play, the health risks involved are still very real for Rudy Gay and all of these players. Despite the fact that the league will take every precaution necessary to ensure a safe space for sports, we still can’t fully guarantee the safety of everyone involved.

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver understands the risks involved for Rudy Gay and others, but assures the players that the set up will be as safe as possible

“I am absolutely convinced that it will be safer on this campus than off this campus because there aren’t many situations that I am aware of where there is mass testing of asymptomatic employees,” Silver added of the NBA’s plan to resume play at Walt Disney World Resort.

“In some ways, this is maybe a model for how other industries can ultimately open. But I am only going to say we will be responsible and watch what is happening, but the biggest indicator will be if we begin to see a spread in our community.”

For Rudy Gay’s son, and the rest of the players’ families, Silver needs to follow through on all these promises.

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