Spurs news: Team USA coach Gregg Popovich jokes that Patty Mills brought him Australia's game plan after his contract was threatened
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Team USA coach Gregg Popovich jokes that Patty Mills brought him Australia’s game plan after his contract was threatened

Gregg Popovich, Team USA, SPurs

Team USA coach Gregg Popovich continues to make fun of Australian guard Patty Mills, who is currently with the San Antonio Spurs.

Pop, who also coaches the Spurs in the NBA, jokingly said he now knows Australia’s gameplan because of Mills he threatened him.

The USA men’s national basketball team is set to have two exhibition matches against the Australians on August 22 and 24 in Melbourne. Both teams are preparing for the upcoming FIBA World Cup which is set to take place in China from August 31-September 15.

Pop just wants to make sure that his team gets the win.

A couple of days ago, Gregg Popovich said that he will take Mills to dinner the night before the game so that he ‘will get fat’ and become unavailable for the Aussies during the exhibition games.

Despite all the issues facing Team USA, Popovich still finds time to have fun, which is good because the Americans need a lot of positivity right now after some of the NBA’s best players withdrew from their commitment to the national team.

Still, a lot of people believe that Team USA has enough talent to win the FIBA World Championships. Although the team only has two All-Stars in Kemba Walker and Khris Middleton, they have a lot of young players who’ve shown the potential to be the next faces of the NBA in the near future.

And hey, now that Pop has the gameplan of the Aussies, that will give Team USA an easier time in China, right?

If the Spurs hadn’t traded Pau Gasol, maybe Pop could’ve asked him about Spain too.