Spurs news: Tony Parker discusses Bulls coach Jim Boylen pulling a Gregg Popovich
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Tony Parker discusses Bulls coach Jim Boylen pulling a Gregg Popovich and subbing out all 5 players at once

Tony Parker, Gregg Popovich, Jim Boylen

Charlotte Hornets point guard and longtime San Antonio Spurs star Tony Parker has chimed into the controversy involving Jim Boylen and the Chicago Bulls, particularly when the head coach pulled a Gregg Popovich and subbed out all five players twice in a historic loss to the Boston Celtics.

Prior to the incident which, according to reports, embarrassed the players, Boylen reiterated that his methods are his learnings from his time with the legendary San Antonio Spurs head coach. Parker commented on the matter, per Vincent Goodwill and Chris Haynes of Yahoo Sports:

“You have to earn it, year by year,” former Spurs guard Tony Parker told Yahoo Sports after his Charlotte Hornets defeated the Knicks in New York on Sunday night. “Pop didn’t become Pop in one year. It takes winning, obviously. Winning helps. And building trust between the players and the coaches.”

Parker admitted that Popovich did sub out all five players at once before. However, Parker, instead of feeling embarrassed, understood the move by his former coach:

“You have to build trust, and yeah, Pop did it, [pulling five players at once],” Tony Parker told Yahoo. “I was coming from Europe, I was just trying to make it. When it happened, I waited for my next opportunity.”

Time will only tell if the Bulls players and Boylen will be able to patch things up. There’s a whole lot of games left to play. The Bulls are one of the worst teams in the league right now. Even if Boylen manages to rack up the victories and turn the season around, it’s not a guarantee that he’ll win the trust of the players.