Spurs video: Gregg Popovich calls all 3 referees 'blind'
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Video: Gregg Popovich calls all 3 referees ‘blind’

Gregg Popovich

San Antonio Spurs head coach Gregg Popovich went into one of the best sideline tirade of his 20-plus-year coaching career in the league, going off on the officiating crew during the third quarter of Friday’s game against the Oklahoma City Thunder.

Pop was upset about a ball out of bounds given to the Thunder after being clearly knocked out of bounds by Andre Roberson only inches away from the sideline official, eliciting his response

“The three of you, one, two, three, f***ing blind.”

Spurs forward Rudy Gay had gotten away with a traveling violation only milliseconds prior to the ball heading out of bounds, but the poetic justice wasn’t enough for the man at the helm, who was absolutely furious as his team attempted to crawl back from a 23-point hole.

San Antonio managed to snap the Thunder’s season-high three-game win streak with a 104-101 victory at home, outscoring Oklahoma City in every quarter after the first.

Friday’s game was the third-longest comeback by the Spurs under Popovich, according to ESPN Stats & Info, leading to think his sideline rant had a lot to do with motivating his players.

“We pounded the rock, kept a great attitude and kept their minds playing basic basketball and things turned their way,” said Popovich after the game, noting the collective improvement on the second half.