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Steam Sale 2021 Dates: Halloween, Autumn, and Winter Sales Confirmed

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If you’ve got your eye on some new games but don’t want to pay full price, the Steam Sale is your best friend. There are three more Steam Sales lined up for the rest of 2021, and their dates are confirmed by Valve’s official Steamworks Documentation calendar.

Unlike previous years, Valve has decided to graciously reveal to us humble gamers the dates of the upcoming Halloween, Autumn, and Winter Steam Sales. If you’ve been looking to pick up some new games on the cheap, you better start setting aside your holiday money. Here are the dates of each remaining Steam Sale for the rest of the year:

Steam Halloween Sale 2021

The big Halloween Steam Sale is set to begin on October 28 and will run until November 1. This relatively short sale will have “a special focus on content updates and in-game events in celebration of the theme.” Be prepared for great deals on the spookiest of horror games and in-game Halloween events for some live service games hosted on Steam.

Steam Autumn Sale 2021

The Steam Autumn Sale starts up on November 24 and will end on November 30. Along with this sale comes information for Steam Awards 2021 nominations. This week-long sale goes through a couple of very important retail holidays: Black Friday, Thanksgiving, and Cyber Monday. Maybe it’s time to give thanks for some brand new games in your library?

Steam Winter Sale 2021

Capping off the year with a great big holiday bash, the Steam Winter Sale will run through December 22, 2021, all the way to January 5, 2022. Two whole weeks of insane game discounts and deals are sure to bring any gamer some holiday cheer. Along with this sale will come information about Steam Awards 2021 voting. Since this is going to be the longest sale to end 2021, it might be a smart idea to pace yourself and budget your spending so you can buy some games you’ve been eyeing for a long time.

Valve has not yet confirmed any sale dates for 2022, but if tradition holds, it’s safe to assume that the Steam Lunar New Year Sale and Steam Summer Sale aren’t far behind. Maybe we’ll find out more when Valve publishes the next update to its Steamworks Documentations page.