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Steam Sale 2022: Upcoming Dates

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Valve has been on a roll when it comes to their legendary Steam Sales, as they have been offering a variety of themed sales this year. From the start of the year, they hosted a sale or Japanese RPG lovers out there, then hosted a sale specifically for job simulation titles. More recently, they just hosted their excellent “Going Rouge” sale focused on Roguelikes, Roguelites, Soulslikes, and Metroidvanias. There are still plenty of sales coming up this year, but there’s still one more for the remainder of May, and two big sales going into June and July.

Steam Racing Fest 2022

For those that have a need for speed, the Steam Racing Fest 2022 will be all about ss celebrating things that go fast competitively and features games with the primary mechanic of racing, whether on wheels, water, or in the air. If you have been eying some of the more popular racing titles such as Forza Horizon 4 or 5, Need for Speed Heat, Project Cars 2, and many others, expect these titles to go on sale very soon, as Steam Racing Fest 2022 will be commencing on May 23rd to May 30th.

Steam Next Fest 2022

Steam Next Fest is Valve’s latest foray into digital showcases alongside events such as Geoff Keighley’s Summer Games Fest. It lets game publishers and developers showcase their latest and upcoming titles with plenty of free demos to try out, as well. While there isn’t anything specific that players will have to keep their eyes on, expect plenty of new titles that will have developer live streams, open Q&A sessions, along with a handful of pre-order opportunities just in case a few games showcases manage to catch your eye. Steam Next Fest will be held from June 13th to June 20th.

Steam Summer Sale 2022

Right in the middle of the Summer month, the Steam Summer Sale 2022 is expected to be just as big, if not bigger than last year’s Steam Sale, as just about every popular game new and old will be up for grabs with outrageous discounts. This sale, just like the Winter Sale, is expected to last two whole weeks, so be prepared to watch for daily deals and keep an eye on your wishlist, as your most sought-after game might end up being sold for a discount. The Steam Summer Sale will be held from June 23rd to July 7th.

A few more sales including the Survival Sale and the Winter Sale 2022 are also coming up later in the year.