Le'Veon Bell's Pittsburgh Steelers career ended in bitter fashion after a holdout and a couple of franchise tags, as the star running back bolted for the New York Jets and a $52.5 million contract they had offered him. Five years later, Bell, who remains a free agent, is admitting the move was a mistake.

During an appearance on the Steel Here podcast, Bell admitted that he should have remained with the Steelers, per Audacy.com.

“It was like a little petty, the guarantee stuff . . . I’m thinking could I have just ate it? Yeah, I probably could’ve, yeah, I probably could’ve really ate it.”

Bell felt he was being “petty” with the Steelers during his contract negotiations with them, particularly his focus on the guaranteed money.

Bell, who felt still feels he deserved to be paid more, explained that the Steelers' offer was only a bit more than the franchise tag and that the Jets had offered double the guaranteed money.

But Bell, who had only played for the Steelers after being drafted back in 2013, was shocked by the differences he experienced in New York.

Bell said that he encountered a lot of “secrets” with the Jets, whereas he could always count on Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin for his honesty, per the podcast.

It sure sounds like the star running back, who earned All-Pro honors twice with the Steelers, has a lot of regrets about how his career ended in Pittsburgh.

Bell can't go back in time and change this, but the simple fact that he's acknowledging the move to the Jets was wrong is likely enough to get him back in the good graces of most Steelers fans.