Four weeks into the season, Pittsburgh Steelers fans are unsatisfied with the offense. After only scoring six points versus the Houston Texans in a 30-6 loss, the roars for the Steelers to fire offensive coordinator Matt Canada are only growing louder.

Following the game, coach Mike Tomlin said there would be “changes” made after the disappointing loss. This caused many to speculate that Tomlin would take back play calling or Canada may be dismissed.

However, Tomlin has since clarified that this is not the case. He ended speculation to questions about Canada being demoted saying, “Not at this juncture, no,” via Josh Carney.

The Steelers offense is certainly in need of changes, but it's not surprising that Tomlin isn't making any knee-jerk decisions. Pittsburgh is notorious for their patience as an organization, especially considering they've only had three head coaches in the past 50+ years.

Still, Matt Canada is expected to turn around the offense in Kenny Pickett's second season. Canada has manned the Steelers offense since 2021, and the results are far from impressive. The Steelers currently rank 4th-last in the NFL in points per game, total yards per game and rushing. They also rank 8th-worst in passing yards per game.

In addition to poor team statistics, no single player has impressed consistently. Wide receiver George Pickens is the only skill position player who has had an 100 yard game, when he put up 127 yards in Week 2 versus the Steelers. Aside from that game, every rusher or receiver has been held under 100 yards. If the Steelers offense wants to improve, they need to also work on getting more targets and touches to their stars.