In a surprising turn of events, just over a month after issuing it, the NFL has decided to rescind the fine against Kwon Alexander for an illegal use of helmet against Tampa Bay Buccaneers' RB Chase Edmonds in a preseason game, per Adam Schefter. At the time, it was considered to be his second offense, resulting in the hefty fine.

During the game against the Buccaneers, Edmonds caught a pass with 1:18 remining in the first quarter. He was tackled by Alexander for a loss of two yards. The hit resulted in an unnecessary roughness penalty against Alexander, as well as a fine a week later.

The penalty was initially met with controversy, with fans divided on whether or not the hit deserved to be penalized the way that it did. A month later, clearly the NFL found evidence strong enough to agree that the hit did not, in fact, merit the initial punishment.

Kwon Alexander was slapped with a similar penalty fine last season, when he played for the New York Jets before signing with the Steelers this offseason, though it was unclear exactly when since it originally went unreported.

The NFL has been working diligently in order to change its perception as a league unconcerned with head trauma. The stricter penalties and thorough reviews of cases to ensure all evidence is appropriately reviewed is clearly a step in the right direction for the organization. Though the exact details surrounding  Alexander's rescinded penalty are not yet available, it is telling of the NFL's – though not entirely perfect – increased commitment to the safety of its players, as well as its fairness.