The Pittsburgh Steelers wanted that old thing back and almost got it.

With their fear of running back James Connor's shoulder injury to be serious, the Steelers reached out to the New York Jets about a potential trade for, you guessed it, Le'Veon Bell.

However, per ESPN‘s Adam Schefter, Conner's injury proved to not be as serious. So talks of a reunion with Bell and the Steelers ultimately stalled.

Bell was not the only running back the Steelers pondered a trade for, but he easily was the most prominent, according to sources. But when the Steelers got word that Conner's injury wasn't as bad as they'd first thought and that he might miss only a couple of weeks, the talks with the Jets cooled, sources said.

Bell infamously held out against the Steelers all last season, demanding a higher-paying contract. While Bell didn't play last season, his strategy somewhat paid off, in which he found a team in the Jets who would accommodate his contractual demands.

But a trade back to Pittsburgh would probably have helped Bell at this point in his career. The Jets are still trying to figure it out as a team. And it doesn't appear that they will escape the shadow of quarterback Sam Darnold's ghost comment.

Right now, that entire episode, alongside Jamal Adams feud with coach Adam Gase describes that season. Bell is no stranger to chaos, but it's happening alongside wins.

With 108 carries, 349 yards and a touchdown, Bell could have benefited from going back to his old team.

It didn't happen that way, but I'm sure for Bell it's good to know that the Steelers miss his presence.