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Video: Stephen Curry trying to ‘find the booty’ on golf trip with Ayesha

Summer time is almost over and NBA players are starting to their returns to the gym. This summer wasn’t the best for Stephen Curry though. Coming after a record breaking 73-9 season only to lose in the NBA Finals has to be hard to take, especially for the back-to-back MVP as leader of the Warriors.

However, the biggest defeats are to be turned into pure motivations – especially in professional sport there is no time for grief. You heal your wounds and come back stronger.

Steph, along with his wife Ayesha, seemed to spend some quality time golfing. While they were there Steph took his binoculars to look for something.

We may never know if he indeed found the booty he was looking for.

What we can be assured is that soon he will be locked in, on his end goal. Another NBA ring.

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