Warriors news: Stephen Curry on brother Seth Curry, 'This is only the beginning'
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Stephen Curry on brother Seth Curry, ‘This is only the beginning’

Seth Curry, Stephen Curry

For Stephen Curry of the Golden State Warriors, Seth Curry’s loss in the Western Conference Finals is just the beginning of a budding career.

Right after winning Game 4 and completing the sweep of the Portland Trail Blazers, Curry shared what he told his younger brother when they met midcourt to swap jerseys. For the older Curry, this is just the start for his younger brother, who has proved that he belongs in the NBA.

“This is just the beginning for him and his career, in terms of being in this stage.”

The series featured the Curry brothers battling it out. Since both of them played the guard position, there were countless times where they were matched up. Stephen Curry himself called the experience weird, but it also brought back memories of their formative years in Charlotte.

Game 2 was a great game for Seth, especially since he had four steals — all of which were takeaways from his brother. For the entire series, Seth averaged 6.3 per game, 2.3 rebounds, and 1.5 assists across 23.3 minutes.

This was Seth’s first playoff campaign, a pretty big deal considering the path that he trekked to the league was not as smooth as compared to his older brother. He entered the league in 2013 as an undrafted prospect. He jumped from team to team, then spent some time in the G-League.

This year, he finally found a home with the Trail Blazers as a designated shooter from downtown and a backup to Damian Lillard and CJ McCollum.

As Seth moves forward, he’ll likely hold on to this experience as it certainly proved that not only proved he belongs in the NBA, but that he can deliver amidst the highest of pressures.