With last week's surprisingly good ending for Kendall Roy, it seems that the tide has finally turned in his favor. Meanwhile, Shiv's playing it cool with Tom to reach a common goal while Roman deals with backing out from the presentation. This week, though, the stakes are even higher for the Roy kids as Lukas Matsson arrives from Sweden to wreak havoc. Learn more from the Succession season 4 episode 7 ending explained and find out what really went down.

Succession season 4 episode 7 ending explained

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This Succession season 4 episode 7 recap starts with Tom serving Shiv breakfast while working on the day before the elections. He then gifts her with a scorpion encased in glass and awkwardly explains to Shiv what it means before leaving for work. Meanwhile, Kendall meets with Rava and finds out that Sophie has been having a hard time at school due to the upcoming polls and her father's association with ATN. However, a fight ensues between the two about Sophie, and it ends with Rava walking away from Kendall.

Shortly after, Kendall meets with his other siblings in a restaurant as Connor talks about their father's funeral. After he leaves, Roman and Kendall convince Shiv to invite her ex-boyfriend, Nate Soffrelli, to a tailgate party they're holding to act as a plan B if Living+ won't be able to boost Waystar Royco‘s price to the level they want. They add that Nate's presence can help them politically just in case his presidential candidate wins the elections. After the two leave, Shiv calls Matsson and informs the GoJo founder about her brothers' plan. She also tells Matsson that he needs to be at the party tonight.

Over in ATN, Greg presides over an online meeting and tells those present that they will be terminated. As this is happening, Tom leaves to prepare his place for the party. He speaks to Shiv and finds out Matsson is coming due to Kendall and Roman trying to sabotage their deal. She also tells him that Nate is coming, much to Tom's annoyance.

During the party itself, Tom informs Greg that Matsson is coming while Kendall and Roman socialize with the guests. He then greets Nate, and awkwardly invites him to drink more of his wine at the party. Meanwhile, Roman takes Connor to the side and tries to convince him to drop out of the presidential race. Just as he ended this conversation, Roman sees Gerri and Frank arrive. He learns that Gerris is still mad about her termination from the last episode.

As more guests arrive, Kendall goes up and welcomes everyone to the party. Just as he was asking for a moment of silence for the late Logan Roy, Matsson and his entourage arrive, much to the surprise of Kendall and Roman. The brothers then task Shiv to keep Matsson away from individuals they deem important to their plan. Even if that's the assignment, Shiv still leads Matsson to Nate, and he talks about how he's the better option for Waystar Royco than the Roy brothers.

After his talk with Shiv and Matsson, Nate meets with Kendall as the latter tries to convince him to make their deal with Matsson go away. He promises better coverage of Nate's candidate during the first 100 days if his candidate wins, an offer Nate promises to think about. Meanwhile, Shiv tries to secure a promise from Matsson to give her a significant role in the company if the deal pushes through, an idea he'd prefer to circle back to when there's time. As this is happening, Kendall tells Greg to stick to the GoJo founder, hoping to learn what's on his mind.

Roman confides in Kendall and Nate about what he just learned about Matsson – that he has been sending weird images of his blood and other creepy stuff to Ebba, his ex-girlfriend and communications officer. This prompts Nate to leave, citing that his association with the Roys makes him uncomfortable. Meanwhile, Connor is pitching the idea of becoming a potential ambassador to Oman to Willa, an idea she is reluctant to support.

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In another part of the party, Matsson makes a scene when Greg offers to fire Ebba, a notion that made the latter more irritated and mad. Kendall looks on as he sees Matsson's publicist walk away from their entourage. Along with Roman, he approaches her to see how she's doing. Ebba then confesses that Matsson is not even a real coder as she and her team made him into who he is now. They also learn something about India that's currently worrying Matsson at the moment.

The brothers then find Shiv and tell her that Matsson's metrics in India aren't right at all, and he doesn't have the money to push the deal through, according to Ebba. After learning this, Shiv asks Matsson about the truth about a metrics error in India. He admits that the numbers have been falsely increased, leading GoJo's subscriber count to increase significantly. Shiv expresses her apprehension, but Matsson tells her that this problem can be solved if the deal pushes through.

Roman, meanwhile, approaches Gerri and tries to smooth things over after he terminated her in the previous episode. Gerri, for her part, refuses to talk and stands by her decision to leave the company. She adds that there will be legal action if the company won't compensate her financially, and she'll use the images of Roman's private parts as leverage. Shortly after, he gets mad at Tom and Willa for refusing to drop out of the elections in exchange for a post in Oman. The two leave while Matsson and Ebba saw the whole conversation unfold in their very eyes.

Kendall and Matsson then get into an argument in front of everyone. After they mock each other's business moves, the pair hug it out, and the Swede leaves shortly after. Tom, meanwhile, gets into an argument with Shiv and tells her that he wants to go to bed after not getting enough rest for the upcoming elections. Seemingly frustrated, Shiv admits that she could have placed the wrong bet on Matsson. Tom tells her she's going to be okay, then gets mad at her for telling everyone that he's going to be fired once Matsson buys the company. The two go ballistic as they each air out their respective complaints about the other throughout the past seasons.

Inside one of the rooms, Kendall speaks to Frank and tells him about Matsson's numbers in India are highly inflated. He then proposes the idea of buying GoJo, instead of the other way around. Meanwhile, Tom jokes to the crowd that he needs to sleep and tells them to leave right away. This leads the three Roy kids to talk amongst themselves, with Roman volunteering to oversee Logan's funeral.

With everyone gone, Tom lies on his bed while Shiv is in another part of their home. The episode ends with him contemplating what to do next.

What just happened? A Succession season 4 episode 7 recap

After last week's meeting with Matsson's team in Sweden, the Roy kids are up and about hosting a party before the elections. In this Succession season 4 episode 7 recap, we primarily see Matsson's side against that of the Roy brothers trying to gain an advantage over the other. Although Shiv is currently helping the Swede without her brothers' knowledge, information leaks out that GoJo's numbers in India are inflated, which can potentially cause trouble for Matsson.

Perhaps the highest point of the episode is the leadup and the eventual fight between Shiv and Tom, causing their short-lived alliance to go boom. It remains to be seen how Kendall can muster his forces to prevent Matsson from buying the company and what the latter will do to get the deal done. Stay tuned to ClutchPoints Entertainment to see what happens in the final season of Succession on Max.