After crowing a new president last week, the latest episode of Succession finally gives viewers Logan Roy's funeral. And while the stakes were visibly high in episode 8, the tension and conflict remain in the most recent installment of this hit Max series. Find out what went down in this Succession season 4 episode 9 ending explained here.

Succession season 4 episode 9 ending explained

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In this week's Succession season 4 episode 9 recap, we see the fallout of ATN's decision to call for Jeryd Mencken as the president-elect. While Roman is rehearsing his speech for Logan's funeral at home, Kendall calls him and asks him if he can tell Mencken to tone his political rhetoric down a little. Meanwhile, over at Shiv's place, Logan's daughter speaks to Lukas Matsson and assures him that there's still a chance to get the deal done.

After speaking to his brother, Kendall receives a call from Rava and learns that she'll be taking their children upstate to get away from the brewing chaos Mencken's victory has generated. He confronts Rava on the street about not bringing his children to Logan's funeral. As this is happening, Tom speaks to Greg about his role in ATN's decision to call for Mencken as the latter leaves for the funeral.

Now inside a limo, Shiv has come out to confess to her brothers that she's pregnant. After bantering with each other, Kendall calls for a truce between the three of them to commemorate their father's passing. He then receives a call from Jess, informing the siblings that people are gathering to protest ATN's decision to call for Mencken, and they're headed their way to the funeral. As they're being guided through a different route. Kendall tells his subordinate that he wants to get the ball rolling when it comes to obtaining custody of his kids. As they're conversing about the said legal matter, Kendall notices a scheduled meeting with Jess on his phone. For her part, Jess admits she wants to resign after Mencken won the presidency, leading Kendall to admonish her selfishly.

Mencken arrives shortly before the funeral starts as Greg asks Roman to introduce him to the president-elect. Kendall and Shiv also see their mother arriving as Logan's senior management team converse amongst themselves about their former boss. The siblings greet Caroline as she instantly surmises that her daughter is pregnant. Shiv leaves shortly after to greet Matsson and his entourage. She assures the Swede that the deal can push through as long as an American is named CEO, and then pitches herself for the position. Meanwhile, Caroline gathers Kerry, Marcia, and Sally-Anne, another mistress of Logan, and gets them to sit in the front row.

After talking to Tom, Greg informs Shiv and Matsson that he won't be able to make the funeral, leaving the group carrying Logan's casket with one man down. Greg replaces Tom as Logan's casket enters the church to start the formalities. Without any warning, Ewan goes to the mic without the family's permission to speak about his brother. He would go on to say terrible things about Logan, much to the annoyance of his children and friends.

Once Ewan is done, Roman goes up and talks about his father to those in attendance. After struggling at first, he calls on his siblings, cries, and tells them he can't do the speech. Kendall then takes the stand and goes to do the speech in front of everyone. Steering away from the speech Roman made, Kendall wings it and ends up getting applause from everyone.

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With Kendall saving the day, Shiv goes up front to say her piece and bids her father goodbye in front of everyone. Shortly after, Logan's casket is taken out and headed toward his final resting place in the cemetery. As this is happening, Hugo informs Kendall that Matsson is planning to install an American CEO to help the deal materialize.

Over at the cemetery, Logan is laid to rest in his mausoleum. Roman storms off as he turns emotional seeing his father put inside his final resting place. Kendall goes off to speak with Hugo and tells him to leak to the media that Matsson's acquisition of Waystar Royco doesn't have the support of key Roy family members.

Later on, during the post-funeral reception, Kendall speaks to Mencken about blocking the Gojo deal. Greg interrupts them to introduce himself, leading Roman to intervene and orders him to go away. Shortly after, Connor arrives and pitches his ideas about an ambassadorship. Slowly being overwhelmed, Shiv extracts Mencken and introduces him to Matsson. The GoJo founder makes his pitch about making Shiv the American CEO, an idea that makes the president-elect think about it.

Tom turns up a few moments later and speaks to Shiv about her pregnancy. He quietly breaks down due to exhaustion and not being there for the funeral, leading Shiv to tell him to rest. Once Tom leaves, she receives a call from Matsson saying Mencken has agreed to their terms. Meanwhile, Kendall says he'll need Roman's help to shut Matsson and Shiv down as Mencken is starting to warm up to them He also tells his younger brother that he messed up his speech, leading them to lose their shot at Mencken.

Roman leaves the reception and decides to walk back to his place. He encounters the protesters along the way and insults them all as they pass by him. Even with one of them punching him in the face, Roman continues to insult them and walks among the crowd as the episode ends.

What just happened? A Succession season 4 episode 9 recap

In this Succession season 4 episode 9 recap, we see the tables quickly turn from last week as Shiv and Matsson somehow secure Mencken's support for the GoJo deal. This development was caused by Logan's funeral and Roman messing up his big speech in front of everyone, causing the president-elect to lose trust in him.

During the funeral itself, we see a great deal of Succession characters come together for Logan and how his life has affected all of them in one way or another. With Kendall and Roman on the defensive, they now have to take their battle to the board with the hope that, somehow, they'll get to keep the company away from Matsson and their sister. Until then, it's going to be one more week before things finally play out in the final episode of Succession.