Nobody saw the Phoenix Suns coming last season. Sure the addition of Chris Paul would up their win total, but a 51-21 record for second best in the entire NBA didn't seem remotely possible.

The Suns had missed the playoffs for a decade straight of seasons, which points to how valuable CP3's influence has been, both on and off the court. The star point guard recalled his thought process on joining Devin Booker and Co. in Arizona, a move he claimed few saw coming – but actually made way too much sense.

Via No Chill with Gilbert Arenas:

“Some people just think about going to a team. When I thought about going to Phoenix, people didn't even know that was in my mind. I knew Monty already. Regardless of our relationship in the past, I know his mindset. I know he prepares. Don't nobody know, that year I played for Monty [in New Orleans] … we started out 11-1. People don't know that. “

Having Monty Williams as the Suns coach at the time wasn't exactly on the radar of most folks in trying to predict Chris Paul's decision-making process then. They had only spent one year together, but according to Paul his reputation stuck with him enough to have him consider. Then with Devin Booker and Willie Green there, guys he had direct experience with in the past, the decision was made easier.

“How I operate in this point in my career. I'm like ‘Damn, Devin there he nice.' I already know he a dog. Willie there. Willie Green, that's my man. Off the court, I know him he'll keep my mental side. So I was like man, ‘this could work'.”

Chris Paul and the Phoenix Suns overachieved last season, but were still unable to reach the mountaintop at the very end. Look for CP3 and Devin Booker to come out with a vengeance to prove their NBA Finals run was no fluke.