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Suns star Chris Paul’s tight-lipped response to what’s in his Secret Stuff

Chris Paul, Suns

Phoenix Suns point guard Chris Paul was first spotted drinking some so-called “Secret Stuff” during their game against the Utah Jazz nearly a week ago. Asked about what exactly is inside his special concoction, CP3 kept his lips sealed on what it is.

Via Gerald Bourguet of FanSided:

I mean, what else did we expect? There’s a reason why it’s called “secret.”

Nevertheless, the Suns star sipping from that bottle was an intriguing sight to see. Of course, everybody knows the renowned drink from Space Jam, and with the sequel coming out starring his good buddy LeBron James, the 11-time All-Star may have decided to have fun with it.

Paul’s “Secret Stuff” could be just some Gatorade for all we know. Or maybe there is something magical about that drink with the way he still plays an elite level, even at the age of 36.

Paul’s arrival to Phoenix has been the major reason why the Suns are where they are right now. Phoenix holds the second-best record, not just in the Western Conference, but across the entire league with a 39-15 mark. The Suns are just 1.5 games behind the Utah Jazz.

Of course, Devin Booker, Deandre Ayton, and company carried the momentum of their 8-0 bubble run in Orlando. But adding an All-NBA veteran like Paul, who has seemingly turned every franchise he has been with into a winner, deserves a lot of credit for Phoenix’s success this season.

Not many view the Suns as legitimate title contenders even with their incredible campaign thus far. Maybe it’s time to give them much more respect and recognition with the way Chris Paul has been leading this young squad.