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Devin Booker’s 4-letter reaction to criticism over rewarding Suns fan in viral fight

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A certain Phoenix Suns fan has been receiving a boatload of clout throughout social media ever since his Nostradamus-like proclamation in the Western Conference semifinals. So much so that Devin Booker traced his identity to give him a reward for his Suns fandom.

Booker’s gifts came in the form of a signed jersey and tickets to the Western Conference finals in Phoenix.

Of course, the Twitterverse celebrated the viral moment along with Booker’s response but not everyone is a fan of it. ESPN analyst and 2016 NBA champion Richard Jefferson expressed his concern towards what this gesture may lead to which received a short yet telling reaction from the Suns’ star.


Note that there’s no animosity between Jefferson and the Suns shooting guard. Jefferson has a portion of his heart in Arizona, being a former Wildcat.

This creates an interesting conversation on fan behavior and its potential consequences. It’s timely to touch on this subject after a series of untoward fan incidents involving players occurred early in the playoffs. While the fan’s act is far from the despicable manners exhibited in New York, Philadelphia, and Utah, there’s no telling if it may have sparked one or two bonehead ideas in some individuals’ brains.

People do crazy things for clout. Imagine the lengths they would go to if it meant this much exposure coupled with potential star interaction to sweeten the deal.

Booker has been playing out of his mind lately for the Suns. If his stellar form is parlayed with this fan’s prophetic tongue, they could form the most dangerous 1-2 punch in league history.