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Devin Booker has scored fourth most points before 21st birthday

Devin Booker

It’s a tough time in Phoenix at the moment. The Suns have been underwhelming since getting blown out by the Portland Trail Blazers on opening night, and their situation hasn’t improved as they fired their head coach Earl Watson and their star point guard Eric Bledsoe made it clear on Twitter he didn’t want to remain at the Suns.

It’s a troubling time for the organization, who have made numerous disastrous decisions over the last five seasons which have hurt the success of the franchise moving forward. Now, it seems like another star guard will leave them with Bledsoe being sent home before their matchup with the Sacramento Kings and hasn’t featured since. The front office is now busy working out ways to move him all whilst receiving sufficient compensation which is proving increasingly more difficult every passing day.

Although the organization is riddled with dysfunction right now, there are some silver linings. One of those is star shooting guard Devin Booker, who has the potential to be a very special player in the NBA for many years to come. Booker has grown every season, but he really put the league on notice last season when he dropped 72 on the Celtics on the road, announcing himself on the world stage.

Recently, despite all the drama, Booker joined some serious company scoring the fourth most points by a player before their 21st birthday in NBA history.

As you can see, Booker now stands side by side with LeBron James, Carmelo Anthony, Kevin Durant and Kobe Bryant as players who burst on the scene with the ability to get buckets at a young age.

It may be worrying times right now if you’re a Suns fan, but there are always silver linings, and the young talent on the roster along with a rising star in Booker should give hope that there may be success in the future after all.