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Super Bowl 55 streaker Yuri Andrade, thought to have won $375,000, dragged from strip club stage

Yuri Andrade, Super Bowl, Super Bowl streaker

The fun just kept coming for Yuri Andrade, the infamous Super Bowl streaker, as he got tossed from the stage of a strip club after the Super Bowl this past weekend.

Andrade jumped onto the stage of the club and got dragged down, as you can hear “two nights in a row getting dragged down.”  Yuri Andrade jumped onto the field and ran across before getting brought down by security, and in doing so, allegedly won $375,000 on a prop bet during the game.

The videos of Yuri Andrade went viral and his story became known after the game, in a surprising turn of events.

Yuri Andrade reportedly bet on a prop bet that included a person running onto the field, and late in the fourth quarter he couldn’t wait any longer and decided to take matters into his own hands to win a large sum of cash.

Jeremy Layton of the New York Post provided some information about the mystery man, whose infamy took center stage in what was otherwise a one-sided battle between the Buccaneers and the Chiefs. As expected, Yuri Andrade will be facing some legal issues courtesy of the NFL after Sunday’s events.

He didn’t stop there, and the video shows him on the stage the next night after the Super Bowl run, as he continued his tour of Tampa Bay.

Yuri Andrade had to pay his bail, and if he ends up getting the money or not remains to be seen, as some reports said he might not end up winning the bet, although he made for some sort of entertainment during and after the game.

Either way, Yuri Andrade has become the talk of social media and his name will be recognized forever in a world of bright pink undergarments, in association with Super Bowl LV and the NFL’s just-concluded pandemic season.