Jets news: Supposed Adam Gase social-media burner account discovered
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Supposed Jets’ Adam Gase social-media burner account discovered

Adam Gase

In a time with so much volatility in sports with social media, many sports personalities create accounts to defend themselves and fight off backlash. New York Jets head coach Adam Gase seems to be the next to be made.

While it is not confirmed to be Gase’s account, the user seems to be a staunch defender of the 29-34 head coach. “You’re really going to blame this on the coach?” the user said in a response to a tweet. “How about the the former general manager for leaving the staff with a talent bare roster.”

The supposed Gase burner is not leaving his players out of it either. “Would have been a better season if he [Jets running back Le’Veon Bell] hit the designed hole with consistent urgency,” the user said when responding to a tweet about Bell.

Gase is in his first season as the head coach for the Jets, currently with a 6-9. New York started the season 1-7, before winning five of the next seven, showing some potential of the team under Gase along with the young players.

“Maybe these guys should put down the bottle and try and find some purpose with their sad miserable lives,” the user said in a tweet about a billboard advertising to fire the first-year head coach.

Recently, it was reported that Gase has a simple response when he is brought with criticisms by fans for how he has handled the opportunity of coaching the Jets, “I’m rich as f**k.”

The reporting also made known that Gase is “an insecure guy.”

There seems to be some problems within the Jets facilities, but at least Twitter user @WyattV18 thinks not.