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Alex Rodriguez cries and says "they won't retire my number, papi!" as David Ortiz laughs at him
Alex Rodriguez's hilarious David Ortiz Yankees jersey retirement admissionJoshua Valdez ·
Alex Rodriguez, Marc Lore's Timberwolves ownership group receives key financial partnerFormer NYC mayor Michael Bloomberg has joined the Timberwolves ownership group led by Alex Rodriguez and Marc Lore.Brett Siegel ·
Timberwolves' owners Marc Lore and Alex Rodriguez with blacked out person
NBA rumors: Timberwolves' Tim Connelly to get massive new contract amid dramaTimberwolves executive Tim Connelly may be headed for a huge payday to stay with the team amid the issues surrounding team ownership.Fabian Diego Miguel de la Paz ·
Minnesota Timberwolves president of basketball operations Tim Connelly
Will an Alex Rodriguez Timberwolves ownership takeover mean a Karl-Anthony Towns exit?The status of Karl-Anthony Towns with the Timberwolves may be affected by the ownership battle between Alex Rodriguez and Glen Taylor.Fabian Diego Miguel de la Paz ·
Minnesota Timberwolves Karl-Anthony Towns Alex Rodriguez
NBA rumors: Timberwolves willing to pay luxury tax amid ownership disputeTimberwolves fans receive a huge payroll silver lining amid an otherwise messy ownership situation after cancelled sale.Jedd Pagaduan ·
Timberwolves' Glen Taylor on the left holding money bags, Alex Rodriguez and Marc Lore on the right holding money bags, with Anthony Edwards in the middle looking frustrated
Alex Rodriguez stiffed Glen Taylor's hug attempt amid Timberwolves ownership disputeThe Timberwolves are embroiled in an ownership dispute, which led to Alex Rodriguez rebuffing Glen Taylor's hug attempt at a playoff gameOwen Crisafulli ·
Glen Taylor on one side, Alex Rodriguez and Marc Lore on the other side with angry emojis around them
Timberwolves minority owner Alex Rodriguez turns head with 'mission' post amid legal battle vs. Glen TaylorAlex Rodriguez is on a mission as his quest to take over the majority share of the Minnesota Timberwolves continuesSonny Giuliano ·
Minnesota Timberwolves minority owner Alex Rodriguez
Alex Rodriguez gets hit with rude awakening over Timberwolves ownership battleThe Timberwolves' playoff run is overshadowed by an ownership dispute between Glen Taylor and Alex Rodriguez.Fabian Diego Miguel de la Paz ·
Minnesota Timberwolves Alex Rodriguez Glen Taylor
Kevin Garnett chooses sides in Alex Rodriguez, Glen Taylor Timberwolves ownership feudKevin Garnett has taken the side of Alex Rodriguez and Marc Lore in the Timberwolves ownership dispute with Glen Taylor.Scotty White ·
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Timberwolves sale fiasco gets pivotal arbitration updateThe Minnesota Timberwolves sale fiasco has gotten a pivotal arbitration updatePeter Sampson ·
Alex Rodriguez, Glen Taylor, Marc Lore and Timberwolves' Anthony Edward and Karl-Anthony Towns
The real reason Timberwolves' Glen Taylor is trying to nuke Alex Rodriguez, Marc Lore ownership saleTimberwolves owner Glen Taylor has made life difficult for Alex Rodriguez and Marc Lore due to his unwillingness to part ways with his team.Brett Siegel ·
Timberwolves' Glen Taylor saying "i'm not selling!" next to Alex Rodriguez and Marc Lore
Alex Rodriguez, Marc Lore Timberwolves ownership bid gets hit with big mediation updateA mediation session will take place on May 1 to start the end of the long saga over who will own the Minnesota Timberwolves moving forward.Benjamin Adducchio ·
Alex Rodriguez on the left, Marc Lore on the right. Minnesota Timberwolves logo in the background.
Alex Rodriguez reveals 'worst advice ever' for Chiefs' Patrick MahomesThe Chiefs' Patrick Mahomes got some terrible advice from Alex Rodriguez when he was a kid that Rodriguez is glad he didn't follow.Nick Meyer ·
Alex Rodriguez shared key info on a funny convo with Patrick Mahomes.
NBA rumors: Timberwolves' ownership turmoil brings eye-opening contract situation to lightThe turmoil surrounding Minnesota Timberwolves ownership is bringing an eye-opening contract situation to lightPeter Sampson ·
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Timberwolves' massive salary cut Alex Rodriguez, Marc Lore planned explains Glen Taylor's flip-flopAlex Rodriguez and Marc Lore reportedly planned to cut major salary from the Timberwolves' books in 2024-25.Jack Winter ·
Alex Rodriguez, Glen Taylor, Marc Lore and Timberwolves' Anthony Edward and Karl-Anthony Towns
Timberwolves' Alex Rodriguez drops bombshell Rudy Gobert trade allegation on Glen TaylorAlex Rodriguez discussed his relationship with Glen Taylor and the success of the Minnesota Timberwolves this season.Ryan Bologna ·
Alex Rodriguez in street clothes. Rudy Gobert. Glen Taylor
Alex Rodriguez's net worth in 2024Former MLB star Alex Rodriguez has built up quite an impressive net worth in 2024 and is a minority owner of the Minnesota Timberwolves.Immanuel Canicosa ·
Alex Rodriguez surrounded by piles of cash.
Bill Simmons dishes on how NBA expansion rumors impacted Alex Rodriguez’s failed Timberwolves ownership bidThe Timberwolves sale from Glen Taylor to Alex Rodriguez and Marc Lore may not have happened for an interesting reason, per Bill Simmons.Tim Crean ·
Bill Simmons and Alex Rodriguez (in street clothes) with a Timberwolves logo on one side, the NBA logo on the other and money bags in the front
Alex Rodriguez revelation helps explain sale falling apartAlex Rodriguez never had the money to buy the Timberwolves, according to former Marlins owner David SamsonSteve Silverman ·
Alex Rodriguez and partner rejected because of lack of funding
Timberwolves 'no longer for sale' as Alex Rodriguez, Marc Lore's majority ownership bid expiresThe Timberwolves owner Glen Taylor claims the team is no longer for sale after Marc Lore's and Alex Rodriguez's ownership bid expired.Brett Siegel ·
Timberwolves logo next to Marc Lore and Alex Rodriguez
Alex Rodriguez, Marc Lore's Timberwolves bid saved by new financial backerThe sale of the Timberwolves is not fully complete yet. New owners Alex Rodriguez and Marc Lore could have a tough time making it happen.Andrew Meyers ·
Alex Rodriguez in a suit next to Marc Lore. Minnesota Timberwolves logo next to them
Alex Rodriguez drops hilarious truth bomb over viral tan sighting at Timberwolves gameAlex Rodriguez dropped a hilarious truth bomb over the viral conversation about his tan at the Minnesota Timberwolves gamePeter Sampson ·
Alex Rodriguez responds to reaction over his crazy tan at the Timberwolves game