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Los Angeles Dodgers star Yoshinobu Yamamoto and manager Dave Roberts in front of Dodger stadium.
Dodgers’ Dave Roberts provides concerning Yoshinobu Yamamoto injury update after early exit vs. RoyalsZachary Weinberger ·
Dodgers’ Dave Roberts sounds off on Yoshinobu Yamamoto’s ’emotional’ gameAlex House ·
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Dodgers star Yoshinobu Yamamoto’s Yankees domination draws Dave Roberts reviewGerard Angelo Samillano ·
Dodgers' YOshinobu Yamamoto with Dave Roberts
Dodgers’ Clayton Kershaw takes massive step towards injury returnNick Meyer ·
Clayton Kershaw of the Dodgers got an important injury update.
Dodgers’ Walker Buehler drops honest admission on post-injury return performanceJoey Mistretta ·
Dodgers' Walker Buehler looking serious in front with smoke coming out of his ears. In background, Dodgers' Walker Buehler pitching a baseball.
Dodgers’ Yoshinobu Yamamoto gets hilariously jinxed by MLB Network before first pitch vs MarlinsAndrew Meyers ·
Los Angles Dodgers pitcher Yoshinobu Yamamoto next to MLB Network logo
MLB rumors: The 2 teams Yoshinobu Yamamoto would have considered in free agency if Shohei Ohtani didn’t join DodgersSam DiGiovanni ·
Dodgers' Yoshinobu Yamamoto in mystery uniform
Dodgers’ Yoshinobu Yamamoto receives interesting early-season takeNick Meyer ·
Yoshinobu Yamamoto and the Dodgers got a win Saturday vs. the Cubs.
The adjustment Dodgers’ Yoshinobu Yamamoto made to get ‘stuff back’ after brutal springGerard Angelo Samillano ·
Yoshinobu Yamamoto giving a thumbs up to Dodgers' Dave Roberts, Shohei Ohtani
Yoshinobu Yamamoto’s nightmare continues with embarrassing Dodgers debut vs. PadresRyan Bologna ·
Yoshinobu Yamamoto. 😬 emojis all over