For those living under a rock this past weekend, the current reigning pop queen Taylor Swift herself has weighed in on the instant-classic Ryan Gosling, Emily Blunt cover version of Swift's All Too Well during the monologue of Gosling's latest Saturday Night Live hosting stint. However, upon closer inspection, was Swift's social media embracing of the anthem really genuine praise, or something more calculated given the corporate entities involved?

The monologue sketch centered on Gosling realizing he needed to “break up” with his Ken character, following all the publicity he received for the role, now that he has a new movie, The Fall Guy, coming out to promote.

Similarly, Emily Blunt showed up to remind us that she famously starred in the other half of this summer's “Barbenheimer” blockbuster, as J. Robert's wife Kitty in the Oscar-winning Oppenheimer biopic. She therefore also needed to break up with that character to co-promote The Fall Guy with Gosling, since the two play the romantic leads in the new pic.

Gosling notes that no one is better at crafting a break-up anthem than Taylor Swift, so he and Blunt bust out into their own unique rendition of her classic heartbreak ballad All Too Well.

Cue Taylor Swift taking to her Instagram Story on Sunday to declare “All Too Well (Ryan and Emily’s Version)!!!” She continued, “Watch me accidentally catch myself singing this version on tour. This monologue is everything,” along with a video clip of Gosling singing at the piano.

The lyrics were clever, as was the set-up, and this may very well have been all in good fun. But it's also possible there was something more manufactured going on here.

After all, the most amusing parts of the trailer for The Fall Guy — including one shown during the SNL broadcast — center on Gosling singing All Too Well in the car and weeping as Emily Blunt catches him and calls him out on it.

Numerous descriptions of the film go out of their way to note that Gosling is a guy who rocks out to Taylor Swift songs. This may just be movie studios cashing in on the past year's “it” performer of the music industry, but the character quirk is cited so often it's starting to seem like an important plot point.

Swift, meanwhile, doesn't tend to post anything on social media haphazardly. Rather, she is very careful and business-conscious with what she chooses to share with her millions of followers.

So there seems to be a close connection between Swift, her anthem All Too Well, and the promotional campaign for The Fall Guy.

Not to mention Taylor Swift also has a new highly-anticipated album dropping later this week, The Tortured Poets Department, her 11th studio record. And her post also reminds fans (as if they needed reminding) that she is still very much in the midst of her worldwide phenomenon globe-trotting concert series, The Eras Tour.

Saturday Night Live, meanwhile, hasn't revealed yet who wrote the All Too Well cover for the monologue sketch. Most likely it came organically from the writing staff, but it's hard to know if there weren't also other creative cooks in the kitchen — given that The Fall Guy hails from Universal Studios, which is also under the same corporate umbrella as SNL.

In short, all this is well and good, and if it is a little bit of unabashed self-promotion for all of the entities involved, there's really still no big scandal here.

But Taylor Swift does seem to be promoting the Ryan Gosling, Emily Blunt All Too Well cover in a very off the cuff manner (hence on the fleeting Instagram Story), as if she just genuinely got a kick out of the performance. With so many A-list heavyweights involved, it's fair to question whether there's more to it than that. Not everything in Hollywood should be taken at face value, as fans should know all too well at this point.