Explore a beautiful tropical archipelago inspired by New Caledonia. Here are the details of Tchia, from its release date to its gameplay and story.

Tchia PC Release Date: March 2024

Tchia comes out on PC on March 2024. It originally came out on March 21, 2023, on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5.

Tchia Gameplay

Tchia is a third-person open-world adventure game with a focus on exploration. Players can climb, glide, swim, and sail their way around the islands. They can take advantage of the game’s physics engine in their exploration. For example, they can swing trees back and forth to serve as a catapult, allowing them to quickly cover huge distances. Players also have access to boats, gliders, and more to help them in their travels. However, the biggest tool in the player’s arsenal is their ability to Soul Jump.

Soul Jumping allows the player to take control of an animal or object, letting them explore as the animal or object they have possessed. Players have over 30 animals, as well as hundreds of objects to choose from. For example, players can possess a dog and dig treasure out from the ground. They can possess a bird and fly to their destination quickly. They can even possess a tire and just roll around the ground. With so many possibilities, players will not run out of ideas on how to traverse the land.

However, during their exploration, players will encounter various fabric soldiers, enemies that aim to stop the player. Players can use their Soul Jump ability, as well as various tools, to take down these fabric soldiers. Your creativity is the limit in how you decide to dispatch these enemies.

When not fighting, players can play a fully functional Ukelele. Whether it be for fun, or during the game’s rhythm sections, players will be able to familiarize themselves with the iconic instrument. Who knows? You might even unlock some special melodies that will be useful in your travels.

The release of Tchia on PC brings various updates to the game’s system. This includes an outfits and perks system, new cosmetic items, and eight new soul melodies. The trailer showed some of the soul melodies coming to the game. This includes the ability to shoot a projectile at distant targets, as well as the ability to jump high and spin in mid-air.

Tchia Story

Players control Tchia, a young girl with a very mysterious power. When her father was taken by the island’s cruel tyrant, Meavora, it is up to Tchia to rescue her father. Tchia must explore the archipelago under Meavora’s rule and put a stop to her cruel ways.

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