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Kemba Walker, Marcus Smart impressed with Team USA teammate De’Aaron Fox’s speed


Team USA participants have already started to be impressed with De’Aaron Fox and his blazing speed, a burst of end-to-end mobility and lateral quickness that has made him a blur to guard in practice. Boston Celtics newcomer Kemba Walker and teammate Marcus Smart are among the guards who have been wowed by this characteristic.

“He makes fast people look not fast,” said Smart, practically shaking his head, according to Ohm Youngmisuk of ESPN.

Fox prospected as the fastest player in his draft back in 2017 coming out of his freshman year at Kentucky, and while his demonic end-to-end speed has possibly gotten even faster with his ability to control the ball and make the most of his advantage, that has severely impacted how successful he can be as a player — a skill that has become his meal ticket during his second year in the league.

“Oh, my goodness,” said an impressed Walker. “He is super fast. His quickness is crazy. His end-to-end speed is ridiculous. … That’s scary if he’s gotten faster. The thing about him is he’s fast but really under control.”

Walker used to be a speed demon of his own coming out of Connecticut eight years ago, but has now mastered the art of setting the pace and making the opponent play into a helter-skelter of guessing whether he will attack with speed or shifty maneuvers with the ball.

Fox now has the prime opportunity to become Walker’s primary backup or even share the backcourt with him on occasion, giving Team USA a two-bullet attack now that Kyle Lowry was forced to drop out of contention.