The release date for Teamfight Tactics (TFT) Set 6, Gizmos & Gadgets, is right around the corner. Fans can look forward to a plethora of changes for this update, including new champions, a mechanic called hextech augments, and a massive set of new traits. Sounds exciting? Here’s a rundown of what to expect when TFT Set 6 arrives this week.

Teamfight Tactics (TFT) Set 6: Gizmos & Gadgets Rundown

TFT Set 6 New Champions, costs and traits

Everyone would surely be excited about the set of champions available to drop in TFT Set 6, hoping that RNG do them a favor as they build up their teams. Here’s a list of the champions coming with Gizmos and Gadgets and their traits.


  • Caitlyn – Sniper, Enforcer
  • Camille – Clockwork, Challenger
  • Darius – Syndicate, Bodyguard
  • Ezreal – Scrap, Innovator
  • Garen – Academy, Protector
  • Graves – Academy, Twinshot
  • Illaoi – Mercenary, Bruiser
  • Kassadin – Mutant, Protector
  • Poppy – Yordle, Bodyguard
  • Singed – Chemtech, Innovator
  • Twisted Fate – Syndicate, Arcanist
  • Twitch – Chemtech, Assassin
  • Ziggs – Scrap, Yordle, Arcanist


  • Blitzcrank – Scrap, Protector, Bodyguard
  • Zyra – Syndicate, Scholar
  • Katarina – Academy, Assassin
  • Kog’Maw – Mutant, Sniper, Twinshot
  • Quinn – Mercenary, Challenger
  • Swain – Imperial, Arcanist
  • Talon – Imperial, Assassin
  • Tristana – Yordle, Sniper
  • Warwick – Chemtech, Challenger
  • Trundle – Scrap, Bruiser
  • Lulu – Yordle, Enchanter
  • Vi – Enforcer, Sister, Bruiser
  • Zilean – Clockwork, Innovator


  • Cho’gath – Mutant, Colossus, Bruiser
  • Ekko – Scrap, Assassin
  • Gangplank – Mercenary, Twinshot
  • Heimerdinger – Yordle, Scholar, Innovator
  • Leona – Academy, Bodyguard
  • Lissandra – Chemtech, Scholar
  • Malzahar – Mutant, Arcanist
  • Miss Fortune – Mercenary, Sniper
  • Samira – Imperial, Challenger
  • Shaco – Syndicate, Assassin
  • Taric – Socialite, Enchanter
  • Zac – Chemtech, Bruiser
  • Vex -Yordle, Arcanist


  • Braum – Syndicate, Bodyguard
  • Dr Mundo – Chemtech, Mutant, Bruiser
  • Fiora – Enforcer, Challenger
  • Janna – Scrap, Enchanter, Scholar
  • Jhin – Clockwork, Sniper
  • Lux – Academy, Arcanist
  • Orianna – Clockwork, Enchanter
  • Seraphine – Socialite, Innovator
  • Sion – Imperial, Protector, Colossus
  • Yone – Academy, Challenger
  • Urgot – Chemtech, Twinshot


  • Akali – Syndicate, Assassin
  • Galio – Socialite, Colossus, Bodyguard
  • Jayce – Enforcer, Transformer, Innovator
  • Jinx – Sister, Scrap, Twinshot
  • Tahm Kench – Mercenary, Glutton, Bruiser
  • Viktor – Chemtech, Arcanist
  • Yuumi – Academy, Cuddly, Scholar

TFT Set 6 New Traits (Origins and Classes)

Players will also have to familiarize themselves with the massive overhaul of traits in Teamfight Tactics to better understand each champion’s potential role and build up (or rather, roll for) the right comp.

New Origins

Academy – Bonus Attack Damage and Ability Power (20/40/60/80). Gain additional bonus AD or AP (3/5/7/10) whenever an ally casts their Ability. Great for scaling, quite similar to Spellweaver in TFT Set 5 but now you get both AD and AP.

Chemtech – When below 75% Health, gain 75% damage reduction, 50% Attack Speed, and regenerate 4% of maximum Health each second. Lasts 4/8/15 seconds, or finally at 9 units, lasts until combat ends, with 9% regeneration. Amazing stats to have, even if they only last a few seconds.

Clockwork – Increased Attack Speed (10%/20%/40%), with an increase (+5%/10%/15%) per augment in the Hexcore. Nothing too special, probably best for players to allocate about 2 units, if any.

Cuddly – Specific to Yuumi. Yuumi attaches to the nearest ally or the ally with the lowest health if left unattached for two seconds. While attached, Yuumi cannot attack and is also untargetable, gaining 5 Mana/second and 10 Mana when the ally attacks. Yuumi also gains a shield equal to 60% of the maximum health, but if the shield breaks, Yuumi will detach.

Enforcer – At the start of combat, enforcers stun enemies for 5 seconds, either the enemy with highest health at 2 units or enemy who dealt the most damage in the last fight at 4 units. Enemies can also break free sooner if they lose 40% of their max health. Sounds like a great enabling tool, especially for the duration of the stun.

Glutton – Exclusive to Tahm Kench. TK devours an ally once per planning phase, permanently granting either AD, AP, Health, Armor, or Magic Resist. If you pick which champions to feed to Tahm Kench effectively, this could be a hidden weapon that just might give the edge especially in close rounds.

Imperial – Imperial who dealt the most damage last combat becomes the Tyrant. Tyrant deals bonus damage (60%/100%), with other Imperials getting a bonus of 40%, too (5 units). If the Tyrant dies, the Imperial who dealt the most damage this combat becomes the new Tyrant. Fairly strong bonus that essentially assures the main carry will get to deal more damage per round.

Mercenary – Players gain a treasure chest, which opens upon winning a combat. Rolling the dice will add more loot to the chest, starting with 2 dice (3), 2 “even luckier” dice (5), and 3 dice (7) with the third granting bonus loot upon winning. Decent economy trait, but pray to the RNG gods!

Mutant – Speaking of RNG, these champions get unique bonuses per game. Did we mention they’re random?

Scrap – Scrap champions hold components that turn into full items during combat. For 1/3/all components equipped—including if they are part of a full item—the team gains a 20/30/50 shield at 2/4/6 units. This trait may be more a matter of players trusting their RNG (of course), as the incomplete components turn into random full items, though of course the defensive bonus is nice.

Sister – Bit of lore in this one, involving Vi and Jinx. It’s also perhaps a nod to the main characters of Arcane. Vi’s range increases by two hexes, while Jinx gains 60% AS for 3 seconds after takedowns. They might be “outcompeting” each other, but TFT says to pair them up—always.

Socialite – At the start of combat, the socialite reveals a spotlight on the battlefield, conferring the unit there with unique bonuses—20% bonus damage (1) plus 5 mana per second (2) plus omnivamp/healing for 30% of damage dealt (3).

Syndicate – Allies gain 50 Armor, 50 MR, and 25% Omnivamp. The bonuses will be given to the ally with least health (3); all Syndicate champions (5); then the entire team, with 50% extra on top (7). Simple but strong buff.

Yordle – A random yordle joins players’ benches at the end of every combat at 3 units, then have mana costs reduced by 20% for Yordle abilities only at 6 units. If you’d like to stick to a Yordle comp, it’d be a good economy trait. With the likes of Vex, Ziggs, Tristana, and Lulu belong to this origin, and considering their classes (see below), it may be viable.

New Classes

Arcanist – Team-wide increases in AP (20% team/20% team, 45% Arcanists/50% team, 50% Aarcanists/125% all). Definitely a huge buff for magic damage comps.

Assassin – When combat starts, Assassins leap to the enemy backline. Gain bonus Critical Strike Chance (+10%/20%/30%) and Critical Strike Damage (20%/40%/60%). Typical assassin class, but even though it’s nothing out-of-this-world, it’s definitely a critical (pun intended) part of TFT gameplay now.

Bruiser – Team-wide bonus max Health (125/250/400/900), with the Bruisers gaining double that. The team-wide health bonus is a huge plus, though it might not always be better over armor-focused bonuses (see Bodyguard next).

Bodyguard – Increased armor (100/200/350/500) plus taunts adjacent enemies so that they target the bodyguard instead of other champions. Not only is the armor bonus a competitive one, but the taunt aspect is perhaps even more valuable, making it a good fit if you position the bodyguard next to your main carries.

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Colossus – Massive champions that take 25% less damage and are immune to crowd control—but they take up two team slots. Depending on the CC of your opponents, the immunity may well be worth the two-slot trade-off.

Challenger – Bonus AS (30%/50%/75%/125%), which is doubled for 2.5 seconds upon scoring a takedown, allowing dashing to a new target. Great mobility since most of the champions are melees.

Enchanter – Team-wide bonus MR (20/35/50/75). Enchanters also gain bonus healing and shielding (20%/25%/30%/40%). Stronger when you stack enchanters, but on their own may not be worthwhile to keep.

Innovator – Mechanical summons of a scarab (3), bear (5), or dragon (7).

Protector – Upon casting an ability, gain a non-stackable (20%/35%/45%/60%) shield for 6 seconds. Honestly, it does not seem like a worthwhile class, except maybe early on, since the other alternative traits allow stacking and/or provide team-wide effects which are more valuable.

Scholar – Team gains (5/10/20) Mana every two seconds. Nothing special but has potential synergies with Arcanists.

Sniper – Deal (7%/15%/25%) bonus damage for every hex space between the sniper and the target. The high damage potential of this trait should be fun, and long-time TFT players will enjoy seeing it making a return.

Twinshot – Bonus AD (5/30/60), with a (40%/70%/100%) chance to attack twice. Attacking twice sounds nice at first impression, but it honestly just reminds me of double hit-type moves in Pokemon (different franchise, but I dare to think the effect is similar). It may not be the strongest option out there.

Transformer – Specific to Jayce. Becomes melee when placed in the first two rows, or ranged in the last two rows. Strategic placement is the name of the game, after all, but its strengths may be case-to-case, depending too on the placements of opposing units.

TFT Set 6 Mechanics: Hextech Augments

Players get to choose three hextech augments per game, each with unique rules providing strategic twists to the game. For example, Ascension enables units to deal 100% more damage after 15 seconds of combat, while High End Shopping lets you access Champions in the shop as if you were a level higher. For this, we might need a whole other guide, as there are over 140 augments to choose from.

Phew—that’s a really long list of new stuff coming to Teamfight Tactics. You can always refer back to ClutchPoints’ rundown as a cheat sheet to access all the relevant information in one place. Players won’t have to wait long now to try out all these interesting new changes, as TFT Set 6’s release date is on November 3, 2021.