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The 3 best Utah Jazz trades for Josh Richardson during 2022 NBA Trade Deadline

Josh Richardson, Celtics

According to recent reports from The Athletic, the Utah Jazz are interested in dealing for Boston Celtics’ Josh Richardson.

This makes sense from Utah’s standpoint, since they are searching for a forward who can come in and defend for them while also shooting threes at an above-average level. Josh Richardson has had a lot of success from behind the arc this season, hitting 40 percent from three-point range on about four tries per game.

Unfortunately for the Jazz, this appears to be an unlikely deal given that they would have to give up either Jordan Clarkson or Mike Conley. They could also make a deal for Joe Ingles, but given that he won’t be back for the rest of the season, Boston would probably hang up the phone and laugh if they ever floated that trade offer around. We’ve seen stranger things happen before, so it’s conceivable, but it’s incredibly improbable that they’ll be able to complete a deal for Joe Ingles.

Let’s take a look at three deals the Jazz may make to get Josh Richardson from the Boston Celtics.

While all of these trades could be tough, some contending teams are going to overpay and due to the players’ salary, they will have to give back a big package. Not all of these trades are likely, but contending teams are going to be doing everything they can to get better, which could cause some wild trades to be done, as we have seen in the past. Teams in a rebuild type of situation will also attempt to move some key players, and at times, for less than what they are worth.

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The 3 best Utah Jazz trades for Josh Richardson

Celtics get: Joe Ingles, two future 2nd-round pick

Jazz: Josh Richardson

As previously noted, this is a trade that is unlikely to occur. It’s something Boston could do if they believe the previous moves they make at the deadline this year pushed them over the top, and they don’t really need another guy right now. Joe Ingles is one of the top 3-point shooters in the NBA, which is one area where Boston struggles. It wouldn’t make sense from their point of view to bring in a player who won’t play this season, but stranger things have happened in this league.

Celtics get: Mike Conley, Eric Paschall

Jazz get: Marcus Smart, Josh Richardson

If Utah wants to get a trade done for Josh Richardson, Mike Conley or Jordan Clarkson will almost certainly have to be part of it. Given that Mike Conley is older than Jordan Clarkson, it would make more sense for the Jazz to let go of him, but it is something they may not want to do.

This may be an intriguing deal because they would also receive Marcus Smart in exchange for Eric Paschall. Marcus Smart is apparently another Celtics player who will be traded, and while he may not be the ideal offensive player for the Jazz’s style of play, he is still someone who can defend at a high level, which the Jazz like doing.

Going up against Marcus Smart with Rudy Gobert on his back in the playoffs is not something any NBA guard wants to see. Marcus Smart can play his heart out on defense knowing he’ll be backed up by arguably the best rim protector in the history of the NBA. He’s also a player that could come off the bench for the Jazz and make things happen on both sides of the ball.

Celtics get: Jordan Clarkson

Jazz get: Josh Richardson, 2023 first-round pick

This is a difficult one to imagine, but the Jazz would get a first-round pick in return. It’s probably something they’d consider if they could acquire a first-round pick in exchange for Jordan Clarkson with Josh Richardson attached. Jordan Clarkson has performed admirably throughout his time in Utah, but there are definitely certain things that Utah needs to change if they are to ultimately find that playoff success.

It’s difficult to pin all of the responsibility on Jordan Clarkson or any other player for their lack of playoff success, and it wouldn’t be fair given that Utah has had other players fail to deliver throughout the playoffs, but changes must be made, and Jordan Clarkson may be the odd man out in the situation.

Utah is in an interesting position. They certainly have shown that they’re one of the best teams in the NBA, but they’re just missing a piece or two. It is tough to say if Josh Richardson would be the guy to fix their recent playoff failures, but he could definitely be an improvement.