The DRX skins come with League of Legends Patch 13.11! Check out DRX Aatrox (+Prestige), DRX Akali, DRX Ashe, DRX Caitlyn, DRX Kindred, and DRX Maokai.

DRX Skins

Congratulations to your Worlds winners for 2022: DragonX!

Prestige DRX Aatrox

“Aatrox is DRX's #1 fan, and he's got the goods to prove it, turning heads with his blue-and-white nod to the South Korean superstars. DRX and T1 supporters alike line up at Worlds to take photos, but he won't let his newfound fame distract him. He's just there to watch his favorite team take home the Summoner's Cup.”

The first Prestige World skin goes to Aatrox due to DRX top laner Hwang “Kingen” Seong-hoon being awarded the Finals MVP.

The Prestige DRX Aatrox skin truly embodies a sense of opulence and prestige. In the splash art, Aatrox radiates an aura of luxury, with every detail carefully designed to enhance his regal presence. The DRX color scheme of blue and white has been elevated to a new level with a stunning gilded gold finish, giving the skin a truly majestic appearance.

One of the standout features of the splash art is the intricate and detailed headpiece that adorns Aatrox. It adds a touch of grandeur and sophistication to his overall look, showcasing the attention to detail that has been put into crafting this skin.

The in-game execution of the Prestige DRX Aatrox skin is superb and befitting of its “Prestige” quality. With a primarily purple color scheme that distinguishes it from the base skin, the skin exudes an air of elegance and allure on the Rift. The gilded gold accents applied to the DRX symbols further enhance the skin's luxurious aesthetic.

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DRX Aatrox

“Honoring Kingen's winning performance as Aatrox during the 2022 World Championship.”

DRX Aatrox is located on the left-most side of the group splash art. With its predominantly white color palette adorned with stylish blue accents, it stays true to the distinctive colors of the DRX team. The skin's design is reminiscent of a classic mecha robot, like a Gundam. While this is entertaining on its own, this isn't the only obvious reference that exists in this skinline.

The in-game details of the DRX Aatrox skin are meticulously crafted prominently featuring numerous “X” symbols, serving as a homage to the DRX team and their legacy. The cool blue glow and accents not only add a touch of visual appeal but also perfectly align with the iconic DRX color scheme, creating a cohesive and captivating aesthetic. Furthermore, the recall animation stands out as a delightful reference to the finals match, celebrating the team's achievements and rewarding those with a keen eye and memory. The inclusion of dragon scales in the design is also a reference to the “Dragon” portion of DragonX.

DRX Akali

“Honoring Zeka's winning performance as Akali during the 2022 World Championship.”

DRX Akali's presence in the group splash art is less noticeable – as expected from a ninja. Her outfit continues the blue and white palette, but also the non-identical arms. Her left arm is shown glowing, much like her kama and kunai.

The in-game details of the DRX Akali skin make it one worth your money. The blue and white color scheme sets it apart from other Akali skins, giving it a unique appearance. The smoky particles match her identity well while not looking out of place for the team's aesthetic. What truly stands out are the prominent DRX logos and dragon scales incorporated into all of her abilities.

DRX Ashe

“Honoring BeryL's winning performance as Ashe during the 2022 World Championship.”

DRX Ashe is the only one that deviates from the group's blue, white, and gold palette, and it's certainly by design. Support Cho “BeryL” Geon-hee reportedly requested that his Worlds skin be made identical to Honkai Impact 3rd's Elysia. This wouldn't be the first time he requested something like this either, his previous Worlds skin, DWG Leona, is a reference to Saren from Princess Connect!.

In-game, her pink hair becomes more apparent. However, this skin doesn't seem like anything special since it is only one of many under the “Blue Ashe skins” list. It's hard to justify cashing in some RP for this one, but the appeal of the skin is there for fans of Elysia, or DRX, or both.

DRX Caitlyn

“Honoring Deft's winning performance as Caitlyn during the 2022 World Championship.”

DRX Caitlyn's splash looks like a mishmash of a lot of concepts. She still keeps her ranger/enforcer aura, but she got a little bit of an equipment upgrade with the ivory rifle and pointy armor. Her helmet also has the most prominent horns, despite everybody having some form of pointy appendages on their heads.

While the splash art may not emphasize it prominently, DRX Caitlyn's hair is a pink hue, matching with her lane-mate DRX Ashe. Her outfit takes on a violet tone, deviating from the traditional blue and white of this skin line. However, the SFX particles from her abilities are certainly not lacking in blue, making up for its absence in her outfit.

DRX Kindred

“Honoring Pyosik's winning performance as Kindred during the 2022 World Championship.”

DRX Kindred sits atop Maokai in the group splash, almost indistinguishable if not for Wolf's mechanical maw. Their horns are subtle, not glowing any more than their hair or eyes (/ cool headpiece, in Lamb's case). They are mostly white, with blue only used for accents, glows, and Wolf's smoke trail. Gold adorns Lamb's slender bow, setting it apart from Ashe's “louder” weapon.

Despite sharing a white color scheme, the overall aesthetics of the DRX Kindred skin offer a unique visual experience. Wolf, in particular, undergoes a significant transformation, resembling a dragon rather than… a wolf. This alteration adds a touch of mystique and grandeur to the skin's theme. Furthermore, the recall animation pays homage to Pyosik's history as a streamer, serving as a meaningful reference that adds a nice detail to the skin.

DRX Maokai

“Honoring Juhan's winning performance as Maokai during the 2022 World Championship.”

DRX Maokai is the big creature in the middle of the splash art, holding out an alpaca which many thought was DRX Kennen. His features are almost impossible to point out, only that he has a shape that vaguely serves as his head. His hand, however, is incredibly easy to spot and is probably one of the first few things that you focused on upon seeing the splash art.

In the in-game depiction of the DRX Maokai skin, players will immediately notice a complete departure from Maokai's traditional tree-themed aesthetics. This transformation gives the skin a unique and distinct visual identity. The contrast between Maokai's thin arm and thick arm is particularly pronounced, creating a visual effect that can be both intriguing and slightly discomforting. This deliberate design choice adds an element of visual tension to the skin, drawing attention to the contrasting features and making it an unmistakable aspect of the DRX Maokai experience.

One of the standout features of the skin is the inclusion of sunglasses that pop out when Maokai's saplings explode. This playful addition not only adds a touch of humor to the skin, but also provides a satisfying visual reward for players as they witness the explosion effects. It's a small detail, but one that adds personality and charm to the overall gameplay experience. Moreover, the skin's effects and visual design lean heavily into the Dragon aesthetic, emphasizing its connection to the DRX theme. The incorporation of dragon-inspired elements into Maokai's abilities and animations further enhances the overall immersion and theme consistency of the DRX Maokai skin.