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Jets, Broncos

The Jets actually won by losing to the Broncos on Thursday night

For a while, it looked like the New York Jets might pull out the win over the Denver Broncos on Thursday Night Football in Week 4.

However, they collapsed in the end. A flurry of fourth quarter points put the Jets on top 28-27 with just 6:03 left in the game.

Then with 3:08 left, Denver kicker Brandon McManus nailed a 53-yard field goal to put the Broncos back on top 30-28. A 43-yard Melvin Gordon touchdown run sealed it with 1:48 left in the game, giving the Broncos a 37-28 lead.

Denver left the Thursday Night Football game with their first win of the season (1-3), while New York remained winless, now 0-4.

It was a pretty crushing defeat, but honestly they might have won here.

Yes, you’ll hear it from a lot of fans – it’s tank season. But there is still a large portion of any fan base that does not want to see their team lose any game – let alone early enough in the season when you could still turn things around.

This New York team is a dumpster fire though – and that is putting it nicely.

What this loss accomplishes is a whole lot more than moving to 1-3 in a division that features the Buffalo Bills and New England Patriots (good luck winning the AFC East starting 1-3).

What 0-4 does is move them closer to moving on. Head coach Adam Gase is now a lot closer to losing his job.

Yes, that sounds incredibly insensitive – but anyone that has watched New York since he took over probably can’t think of many credible arguments for why he should still be there.

Meanwhile, 0-4 puts them on track to have the first overall pick. With the first overall pick comes Trevor Lawrence.

This is not a slight to Sam Darnold. He has shown flashes of brilliance. “Flashes of brilliance” are not enough to keep fans too excited after 30 career starts though.

Sure, to be fair to Darnold his progression was absolutely stunted by Gase. But it doesn’t really matter how it happened – all that matters is that it did indeed happen.

So New York could press the restart button this offseason. Gase will be gone – that’s basically a certainty no matter if they get the first pick or not.

If they do get that first pick though, here comes Lawrence. Darnold will be gone to try and find his magic elsewhere and the Jets will have the quarterback prospect people have been drooling over for two years now.

That won’t happen without a lot of losses though. Sure, the Jets are the first team to 0-4. But the New York Giants, Minnesota Vikings, and Atlanta Falcons are all 0-3 as well. Meanwhile the Philadelphia Eagles and the Cincinnati Bengals are 0-2-1 and the Broncos are still just 1-3.

There are a number of other 1-2 teams that are in the mix as well.

The Jets are in a very bad place as a franchise right now. Winning a Week 4 game against a bad and beat up Denver team (yes New York is hurt too but that’s not really the point) to move to 1-3 really wouldn’t have done much for them.

Losing and getting a step closer to Lawrence certainly helps though.