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The NFL preseason and training camp proposals NFLPA is pushing

NFLPA, NFL preseason

The NFL and NFLPA are still discussing the best routes for the preseason and training camps, with details emerging on Friday. NFL Network’s Tom Pelissero shared on Twitter what the latest proposals that the NFLPA is pushing for in the preseason and training camp.

Earlier this week, the NFL revealed the league’s intentions to trim the preseason in half from four to two games. However, the NFLPA shares the belief that it isn’t worth playing any preseason games in 2020.

Therefore, the NFLPA is compiling ideas on how to maximize time in training camp for teams sans the preseason. Currently, the NFLPA is proposing that training camps have three days of medical and equipment along with 21 days of strength and conditioning.

In addition to that, there would be 10 days of unpadded practices and 14 days of practice—with a max of 10 of those days being in pads. Then, after all of those days conclude, NFL teams would be expected to be well-prepared for Week 1 of the 2020 season.

Of course, regardless of how many days that training camp takes place, the NFLPA wants to limit the number of players present. In their current plan, players would be separated into groups of fewer than 15 players for strength and conditioning. At the same time, up to 40 players can be together for unpadded practices.

Seeing that there could be no preseason, there are ramifications that are going to take place. Undrafted rookies and players who are battling for roster spots are going to have fewer opportunities to earn their keep in 2020. In the event that there is no preseason, the NFLPA has a schedule in mind for training camps.