With the 2016 NBA Finals series coming to a 3-3 tie, the Golden State Warriors have dealt with the stresses of the Cleveland Cavaliers coming back from an egregious deficit. Now with one more game in Oakland to end the season, head coach Steve Kerr must maintain a level head and lead his team in the right direction.

Steve has actually had to handle quite severe shifts in life that come unexpectedly before. Even in his young adulthood, he went through an event that would shake up anyone's world.

Steve Kerr
Noah Graham/Getty Images

On January 18, 1984, a tragic murder occurred that would forever change the Kerr family. Malcolm Kerr, Steve's father, was killed. Malcolm was shot at the American University of Beirut, where he happened to be president.

“I looked at the historic clock tower and I thought, why is that clock still ticking?” Ann Kerr, Steve's mother, said as she ventured to the hospital to see wounded Malcolm. “Malcolm is killed; everything is going to come to a standstill.”

The unfortunate death impacted Steve's life in such astounding ways. He always knew his father loved basketball, and simply playing the game helped him cope with his loss.

“People asked me at the time if I ever considered sitting out some games. That would have been the worst thing for me to do.” said Steve Kerr in an interview just couple years after his father's death. “Playing basketball took my thoughts away from what was going on. It helped me out.”

The game of basketball aids Steve in transcending the crippling feelings one would have from such a tragedy. Now with his final game of the 2016 season, Steve clearly has the mental capacity and passion for basketball to go out with a bang at Oracle arena Sunday night.

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