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Draymond Green, DeMarcus Cousins, NBA

The worst technical fouls of the NBA season, starring Draymond Green, DeMarcus Cousins

What is a technical foul in the NBA? Great question. The answer? Nobody really knows. Warriors forward Draymond Green had his technical foul rescinded by the NBA on Friday morning, and that call led to many questions about what constitutes a technical in today’s league. DeMarcus Cousins would like to know as well.

So, let’s take a look at some of the questionable–at best–technicals called in this short NBA season.

NBA technical malpractice:

4. DeMarcus Cousins Swats at the King

DeMarcus Cousins went from LeBron’s teammate to getting ejected from an NBA game for swatting at LeBron in a matter of months.

Boogie has had his fair share of technicals over his career and has four already in the early stages of this NBA season.

Sure, Cousins made contact with James, but a flagrant 2 seems a bit excessive. He was making a play on the ball, and knowing the relationship between the two NBA players, this what almost certainly unintentional.

For whatever reason, Cousins was granted a Flagrant 2 for this foul and had to spend the rest of the NBA game in the Rockets locker room watching on TV.

3. Boogie Against the Lakers, Part 2

For whatever reason, the Lakers and Boogie Cousins just aren’t memorable games for the Rockets’ NBA big man.

Cousins was trying to draw a charge on Kyle Kuzma in this NBA game, and instead got called for a block, much to the dismay of Boogie.


Yeah, this shouldn’t be an NBA technical. Players express their frustrations with the referees all the time and the fact that Boogie got one there is, well, questionable at the very best.

Cousins has a reputation throughout his NBA career, and perhaps that sits in the refs’ minds while calling games when he’s on the floor. Nonetheless, the technicals he’s received this season, in general, have been interesting.

2. Kelly Oubre Blows a Kiss at Trezz

For some reason, the Warriors, Rockets, and Lakers have all taken part- in some way or the other- in each of these bad NBA calls, including the one at number one.

Kelly Oubre Jr. received an NBA technical for blowing a kiss. Yes, that’s not a typo.

Oubre drained a three and turned and blew a kiss in the direction of Lakers forward Montrezl Harrell, and received a technical-much to the surprise of the Warriors’ NBA wing.

The stature of technicals have certainly gone done in recent years in the NBA. Oubre couldn’t believe it as he smirked and stared at the ref in bewilderment.

Lesson learned by NBA players: Make the basket, turn around, and say nothing to be safe.

Worst NBA technical of the season:

1. Draymond Green Speaks to His Own Teammate

This one is the most recent, but is also the most outrageous NBA technical we have seen in quite some time.

Green had received one technical earlier in the NBA contest, and this one led to him heading to the locker rooms earlier than everybody else.

Yes, Green was tossed by the refs on Thursday because of that technical. He was talking to teammate James Wiseman, but apparently, the ref thought it was directed at him and took favor.

Stephen Curry, Steve Kerr, and others couldn’t believe this happened. Curry pleaded with the officials for a while, holding back laughter because of the absurdity of the call.

The loss of Green was a big one for the Warriors, and the New York Knicks ended up winning the game, 119-104.

The NBA ended up rescinding the technical, but too little too late in a costly mistake that led to Green missing an entire half of the game.

So, the definition of a technical foul in today’s game is confusing, perplexing, and just doesn’t have any sort of clarity, and hopefully, the league addresses that going forward.