INDIE Live Expo 2023 featured one of the most ridiculous ideas in Switch games we've seen by far: Give Me Toilet Paper is a platformer that involves players sticking their Joy-Con controllers at the core of a toilet roll and controlling the in-game toilet roll by having the real-life one roll and balance on a piece of cardboard that you hold with your hands.

The premise of the game is that you're a kind-hearted tissue roll that will come to the rescue of a down-to-luck salaryman who happens to do their number two without noticing that the restroom has ran out of toilet paper. So, you're going to go through lengths just to make sure that this poor man don't end up wiping their butt with anything other than tissue paper. Rolling through platforms and avoiding traps, your objective is to reach the hands of the pooping guy and make sure that his trip to the restroom has a good ending. With 32 levels to play through, the game has enough content to give players a good time to roll through one weekend.

The game's ridiculous control scheme matches well with the ridiculous premise, and thankfully, the Nintendo Switch perfectly complements that game's desired controls. It's not a game to be taken seriously, but we're already seeing speedrunning communities forming around this game. The controls seem a bit wonky and imprecise, but there's definitely still a lot of fun that you can have from this game. Maybe bust it out every game night or during parties, and you'll have something that will entertain guests all night.

Give Me Toilet Paper is out now exclusively on the Nintendo Switch for only $5.00.

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