Counter Strike 2 may look similar to Counter Strike: Global Offensive, but there are features in CS2 that weren't carried over from CSGO.

What did Counter Strike 2 remove from CS:GO?

There are some features that didn't carry over from CS:GO to CS2, and this was mostly due to the fact that CS2 uses the new Source 2 engine and some of these features rely on abusing (for lack of a better word) the old game engine. As we enter the era of Source 2, we also have to say goodbye to these things.

Jump-Throw Bind

You read that right. Manually binding your jump-throw to one of your mouse buttons through the in-game console is now a thing of the past with CS2. This beloved CS:GO tactic was something that separated the noobs from the pros, and Valve is aware of this. In fact, they were even the ones who announced the departure of the Jump-Throw bind.

In that same announcement, however, they explained why it's not needed anymore. “In CS2 jump throws are possible and consistent without a bind, therefore there is no jump throw bind. Try jump throws and let us know what you think.”

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One-way Smokes

With the addition of volumetric smokes, one-way smokes are also no longer possible, at least not in a way that has been discovered yet. That means no more of m0nesy abusing smoke + frag bugs, as smokes have been reworked completely. The new volumetric smokes will expand to fill available space, and can even seep out of windows, doors, climb up and down stairs, and expand to cover long corridors.

HUD Positioning

Those with hundreds or even thousands of hours in CS:GO have memorized where to look for the specific piece of information they want. This includes looking at your HP and ammo in the corners of the screen. Now, they are closer to the middle of the screen (think VALORANT). Whether they took inspiration from their competitor or this is simply an interesting coincidence is another thing to discuss, though.

Counter Strike 2 is expected to release in Summer 2023, with the Limited Test phase ongoing for eligible players.