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Thunder news: Game of Thrones fan starts petition for Steven Adams to star on the show

steven adams, thunder

Oklahoma City Thunder center Enes Kanter posted a picture of his squadmate Steven Adams with a fresh clean shaven face on Twitter, which sparked an assortment of fan reactions on Wednesday.

While some fans mocked and scorned the photo all in good fun, one fan saw something different in Adams’ almost unrecognizable kisser. Instead of laughing about the photo, he came up with an idea which he decided to take to the next level.

Will Copeland pictured a long-haired, grizzly bearded Adams as a cast member on the HBO hit series Game of Thrones, and quickly created a Change.org petition for an Adams cameo with the description:

“This man deserves to represent the Dothraki people.”

At this moment, there are 209 signatures in agreement with Copeland, which also received an unexpected response from Adams Thursday evening.

The critically-acclaimed series is loved by athletes and Adams would be the perfect candidate with just three distinct qualifications. He’s tall, he has a beard, and he has an accent, perfect!

There is no real answer as to whether the New Zealand native will actually find himself on the show but he has plenty of fan support. What would be even more amazing is if something that started off as a harmless troll job landed the Thunder big man on the silver screen.