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Colin Cowherd goes after Russell Westbrook

Colin Cowherd, Russell Westbrook, Thunder

Fox Sports host Colin Cowherd ripped Oklahoma City Thunder star Russell Westbrook and and other athletic scoring point guards for their lack of long-term effectiveness on his show The Herd earlier this week. While he acknowledged that players like Westbrook, John Wall, Stephon Marbury and Allen Iverson are exciting to watch, he challenged their ability to go deep in postseason and keep their bodies healthy.

“The superstar, athletically-dynamic, score-first point guard is great for highlights – you can’t turn them off the TV. They’re so different, so unique, so fun. They win awards, they sell merchandise,” said Cowherd.

Russell Westbrook has been one of the most dynamic players in the league over the past few years. The 29-year-old has averaged a triple double for the past two seasons and was named MVP after the 2016-17 season. His intensity and hunger to win is unmatched by most. However, the latest in a string of knee surgeries will cause him to miss some games in the beginning of the 2018-19 season.

“After eight, nine years you start to notice something… They don’t get very far in the play-offs. And oh, they’re having surgeries on their knees,” Colin Cowherd continued.

Cowherd listed Steph Curry as a guard who could get the job done because of his stellar shooting ability. He went on to say that while Jason Kidd was a great athlete, he prioritized getting his teammates involved first, which allowed him to have a long and prosperous career.

Cowherd said that while Kyrie Irving was a score first guard that got a ring, he had a winning percentage that was under .500 before LeBron James returned to Cleveland.

Westbrook made a single NBA appearance alongside Kevin Durant, James Harden and Serge Ibaka in 2012. He’s been trying to make it back ever sense. Cowherd’s main point his that while explosive players like Westbrook make the game fun to watch, their shelf life is too short to lead a dynasty.

The Thunder have retained Westbrook and Paul George this year. While, this duo can be just as formidable as any other in the NBA, they need to prove they can last and perform on the big stage. Loud City may enjoy the excitement Westbrook’s rim-shaking dunks now, but they won’t last forever.