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Sam Presti expects Chris Paul to have a good year, Steven Adams to develop more

Sam Presti, Chris Paul, Steven Adams, Thunder

Oklahoma City Thunder general manager Sam Presti is hopeful for a new era of this franchise, despite obviously trending to rebuilding after losing Paul George and Russell Westbrook in the offseason. OKC did get back Chris Paul by dealing Westbrook, an addition Presti expects will pay off, as well as his incorporation alongside Steven Adams.

“I think Chris Paul is going to have a really good year. He’s in incredible shape,” Presti told reporters at Thursday’s press conference, according to Erik Horne of The Oklahoman.

Paul was recently working out in Miami alongside Dion Waiters, showing fantastic exploits of his athleticism with some hurdle and box jumping workouts. The 34-year-old point guard has a massive load of money owed to him during the next three seasons, but even if he isn’t traded at some point this season to free up some cap room, he could make a different combination, this time with Adams at center.

“He still has growth left in his game,” said Presti of Adams. “He’s the ultimate blocking, tackling player, but he’s a talented player. He’ll have the opportunity to do a little bit more.”

The Paul-Adams combo could be one that resembles the beginning stages of his career, when the point guard extraordinaire teamed up with David West to terrorize teams with their sound pick-and-roll attacks. Adams is far from the deadeye shooter West was in his heyday, but he possesses great strength and a sound finishing ability around the basket, which could benefit from Paul’s elite thread-the-needle dimes to finishing bigs.