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Thunder PG Russell Westbrook suffers huge drop in free-throw percentage

Russell Westbrook, Thunder

This season has been a major struggle from the charity stripe for Oklahoma City Thunder point guard Russell Westbrook.

Reddit user lurker7087 has pointed out a regression in the former NBA MVP’s free-throw shooting percentage.

Russell Westbrook is shooting 62 percent from the free throw line this season, a piss poor average. One has to mention that his career average is 81 percent and is previous low for a season was last year at 74 percent. What seems to be the problem with Westbrook?

One thing that could possibly be affecting his free throws is the NBA’s rule change on player movement before a free throw. If a player moves behind the three-point line, there is an automatic delay of game call.

Westbrook has never been a *great* free throw shooter and it could just be an anomaly. Often times to understand how well a player shoots within games you need at least 800 shot attempts for the average to become a viable point of reference.

Westbrook could also be exhausted and aging. Westbrook has been on a mad dash to get as many triple-doubles as he possibly could the past two years. The amount of effort Westbrook’s has been putting in could offer a reason why he’s not hitting the shots from the line.

Or, he could possibly have a hitch in his shot that’s not letting him score consistently. He’s only hitting on 24.8 percent of his three-point attempts while taking five a game. Though Westbrook isn’t a knockdown shooter, it’s uncharacteristic of him to shoot that badly.

Only time will tell to see what Westbrook’s real problem his. Let’s hope it’s not injury or the yips and that his percentages rebound on the season.