Thunder video: Russell Westbrook shows proof of Steven Adams' legendary appetite
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Video: Russell Westbrook shows proof of Steven Adams’ legendary appetite

Russell Wetsbrook, Steven Adams

Standing at 7-feet and weighing 255 pounds, Oklahoma City Thunder center Steven Adams is as big as they come in the league. Based on video evidence provided by none other than Adams’ former MVP teammate, Russell Westbrook, the big man certainly has quite the appetite to sustain his massive frame.

Westbrook recently posted a brief clip on his Instagram account showcasing a feast of a meal which Adams apparently intends to consume all by his lonesome. This is via NBA sportscaster Chris Grenham.

Westbrook himself is a beast of a man and surely has an extraordinary appetite, too. However, as made evident by his disbelief in the video, the Thunder superstar guard is still shocked by how much Adams intended to devour during the meal.

At the end of the clip, Westbrook states matter-of-factly that Adams, or any man for that matter, simply cannot eat that much food in one sitting. To that, Adams responds with a sly smile as if to say, “watch this.” This could actually lead to the conception of a fresh, new meme featuring the mammoth from New Zealand.

However, this is not the first public appearance of Adams’ larger-than-life appetite.

That’s actually a funnier anecdote, considering how that was one of the most important meetings in Adams’ career. He was practically auditioning for a spot on the Sacramento Kings’ roster at that point, but the gravity of the situation evidently did not prevent him from literally treating himself to a free meal.

Steven Adams — what a guy!